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Opening a UK bank account will provide you with a safe and convenient place for your money, support your visa application for financial evidence, and will allow you to get paid for any work you do in the UK more easily.  

When you arrive in the UK to study with us, you should open a UK bank account to manage your money. You can also open an app-based or online UK bank account before you arrive. There are several banks to choose from so read on for our advice on how to choose the best one for you.  

In addition to banking, it is very important that you keep your money safe while in the UK and we have a team who can help you with this. We also suggest planning a budget to manage your student finances, so you have what you need for each month you study in Nottingham.  

Why is a UK bank account useful?

Opening a bank account in the UK will help you:

  • Avoid exchange rates
  • Get paid if you want to have a job while you're in the UK
  • Pay bills more easily
  • Avoid international withdrawal fees


How do I open a UK bank account?

Most banks in the UK will offer you an account, and there is a wide range of banks in Nottingham to choose from. There are also online and app-based banks available.

You will need to provide proof of your UK address to open a bank account.

Here are the basic steps you will need to complete to set up a bank account in the UK:

  1. Research - do your research before you arrive to find a bank that suits you
  2. Register - complete university registration when you get here, and contact your chosen bank to begin setting up an account
  3. Evidence - the bank will ask you for proof of your identity (a passport or Biometric Residence Permit card) and for proof of your student status and address (the letter you request from Student Services). You may have to visit the bank in person to give them this information
  4. Request - ask for a letter for your chosen bank from Student Services, and work with the bank to finish setting up your account
  5. Update - when your bank account is set up, you should inform the university of your new bank details through the NottinghamHub portal.

Opening a UK bank account

Banks in the UK will ask for proof of your student status before you can open an account. This means you will have to have completed your university registration first.

We recommend that you do your research before you arrive and find a bank that is right for you. There are also online and app-based banks available, which some students use instead of traditional banking.

Most banks will ask you to visit in person when you arrive to provide some of the following information:

  • proof of your identity - your passport or a Biometric Residence Permit card
  • proof of your UK address and student status - you can request a letter using the link below

Request a letter for your bank



Researching your options

Some important things to consider are:

  • Location - is there a bank nearby in Nottingham city centre that you want to use, or would you rather use an online-only bank
  • Online or app-based - most banks will now have an app. Some banks are online only, Consider what features you might want
  • Charges and rates - these can be applied on money you owe and money you've saved. Some banks have fees for premium account features
  • Terms and conditions - ask the bank to explain the terms and conditions of your account to you if you have any questions.

Types of bank accounts

There are three main types of UK bank account that will be useful to you:

  • Standard current account - this will let you deposit and withdraw money, and offer you a debit card
  • Savings account - this will let you deposit money and keep it safe from everyday use
  • Student account - most banks offer a special kind of current account, made for students. It usually includes added discounts and options

Common banks in the UK

We've listed some of the banks you will find in the UK, and where they are in Nottingham. We are sharing this information to help you find and research these banks - we cannot recommend specific banks to you.

Banking in Nottingham
HSBC 26 Clumber Street, NG1 3GA 0345 604 0626
Lloyds 12-16 Lower Parliament Street, NG1 3DA 0345 602 1997
The Co-Operative Bank 4-5 Exchange Walk, NG1 2NX 0345 721 2112
Barclays 2 High Street, NG1 2EN 0345 734 5345
Halifax 1 St. Peters Square, NG1 2NW 0345 720 3040
Natwest 16 S Parade, NG1 2JX 0345 788 8444
Satander 36 Clumber Street, NG1 3GB 0800 085 1491
Virgin Money 11 Smithy Row, NG1 3EJ  


Online only banks include:

Managing your money




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