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When you arrive in the UK to study with us, you should open a UK bank account for managing your money. 

Bring some cash or travellers' cheques with you and your bank or credit card from home. Check you can use them in the UK. There will be charges for using them in the UK until you can open a UK bank account.

Be careful not to overspend, especially during the excitement of your first week or two at Nottingham. Use our Welcome Kit for International Students to find out more about the support, advice and welfare services available.


Planning your budget

Plan your budget to make sure that you have enough money before you arrive in the UK.

You need to be able to pay for your:

Your living costs depend on your lifestyle. If you need a student visa, you will have to show evidence that you have least £1,023 per month for living expenses, as well as your tuition fees.

Find out more about budgeting


The most important thing is to keep your money safe. You should choose reputable and reliable banks to save your money. The second thing is to manage your money properly. To use my money correctly, I usually set a budget. Once I estimate my expected expenditure, it’s easy and clear for me to arrange what’s left.



Keeping your money safe and secure

It is always a good idea to be careful with your money, wherever you are. These are some helpful ways to keep it safe:

  • Don't carry more cash than you need
  • Keep your bank details secure, do not share them with other people
  • Report any stolen property to the police. You could also buy insurance cover to protect your belongings
  • IT and security guidance give advice on online security
  • Be aware of suspicious emails and phone calls pretending to be the ploice or a bank
  • Find out more about recognising and avoiding fraud
  • Students' Union Advice can offer help if you are a victim of crime

Our finding and financial support team provides information, advice and confidential support for student funding.

Funding and financial support



How to access your money

You can withdraw your money at cash machines (ATMs). They can be found on our campuses, at banks, supermarkets, shopping centre and many places in the city centre.

ATMS will accept cards from any UK bank and are usually free to use for cash withdrawals. If you are withdrawing from an overseas account or from a credit card, you me be charged for this.

You can also go to your bank branch or post office to withdraw cash from your bank account.

Setting up a UK bank account




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