Renewable energy for Sutton Bonington

Undergraduate students talking outside the Main Building, Sutton Bonington campus

A renewable energy scheme at the University’s Sutton Bonington campus will generate enough electricity to help power the site.

Plans are being developed for a new solar array and a combined heat and power (CHP) system that together will supply up to 45% of the electricity needed by students and staff at Sutton Bonington.

Andy Nolan, the University’s Director of Sustainability, said: “This project will significantly reduce the University’s carbon emissions and ensure we are able to generate more of our own energy, reducing costs in the long term. Doing this means we can invest more of our resources into teaching, learning and research.”

Due to be installed over the summer, the 1000 m2 solar array is planned for the roof of the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science building.

The CHP system is still under development, but is likely to be based in a new facility on campus. CHP technology uses a power station that generates electricity and useful heat simultaneously, and is expected to deliver approximately 50% of the heat required at Sutton Bonington campus.

The overall scheme represents a £1.8m investment in renewable energy, with costs recouped within around five years due to the savings made. It is estimated to cut carbon emissions by 1,700 tonnes - the equivalent of a reduction of 17% of all carbon emissions from the Sutton Bonington campus.

Over the last three years, £5.8m has been invested in more than 200 carbon reduction projects at the University, saving an estimated 7,600 tonnes of CO2.

Sustainability Team

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