Our experts share expertise with the UK government and help frame policymakers legislation on issues such as autonomous vehicles, vaccination policies, the rights of women and keeping young people safe online. Our research helped constitutional reform in Georgia and we conducted the largest ever international survey of civil servants to help strengthen the integrity of democracies.




policymakers and practitioners attended courses run by Human Rights Law Centre

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Landmark study of life imprisonment

An "extraordinarily ambitious" landmark global study of 216 jurisdictions, which informed policy and debate on life imprisonment in the UK and across the world, is being revised and updated.

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Learning and students

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A voice for students

Our Students’ Union provides support services and resources, campaigns for students and raises awareness on key issues such sustainability and plays a key role in the stewardship of the university, including representation on the University Council.

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Engagement and impact

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Human Rights Law Centre

Our Human Rights Law Centre engages with policymakers, international organisations and society and its research exploring challenges and influences legislation on such issues as forced migration and the rights of children.

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Policy and operations

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Free speech and academic freedom

The university’s statement on free speech and academic freedom underscores our commitment to promote freedom of speech and allow for robust and civil debate within the law, helping students learn through debate and exposure to new ideas.

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