Research excellence
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Research Excellence

Research excellence 


To distribute funds selectively on the basis of quality, the four UK higher education funding bodies assess universities’ research through a periodic exercise. It ranks all universities on research strength and rates the academic disciplines they submit on the basis of their international rank.
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The University of Nottingham will build upon its international reputation as a truly global institution, remaining firmly within the world's elite and amongst the top UK universities for research and knowledge transfer.
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Nottingham Research Leaders Programme: Leadership for Excellence.

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World-changing research

The academic community at The University of Nottingham continues to produce world-changing research by focusing on the problems and challenges that affect societies and people on a wide scale. Achieving this involves:

  • developing ideas and creating discoveries
  • exchanging knowledge which generates real economic, social, environmental and cultural impact

The University is committed to investing in the people and infrastructure, and creating the environment that will deliver world-changing discoveries and address global challenges.


The impact of the University’s research depends on ongoing investments in:

  • core disciplines
  • promotion of multidisciplinary approaches to solutions

The University also provides the foundation for local and global research partnerships and collaborations, recognising success in its mission through research excellence.


Investment in research and knowledge transfer will favour interdisciplinary, collaborative research while maintaining support for discipline-based research and promoting an emphasis on the international dimensions of research and knowledge transfer. It will:

  • maximise the University’s impact by identifying research priorities which include input from key stakeholders, the wider community and end users
  • focus investment in individual research excellence by supporting high potential early career researchers and doctoral training
  • bring research expertise into the classroom, exposing students to the latest ideas and discoveries


The University will use established strength in key research areas and experience and commitment to the commercialisation of discoveries to:

  • deliver sustainable economic, environmental and cultural benefits internationally, nationally and to local communities
  • remain attentive to the changing concerns of established fields to shape emerging priorities

Further information on the University’s vision, aims and objectives.

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