Our Health Sciences with a Foundation Year BSc course provides an alternative route to our degree if you do not meet the entry requirements for an undergraduate healthcare degree. This one-year foundation programme will help you develop your academic reading, writing, critical thinking, communication and scientific skills with modules in biosciences, body systems, digestion and nutrition to prepare you for the next level of study. 

After successfully completing the foundation year, you'll receive a Foundation Certificate in Health Sciences (FCert). This will support your application to study healthcare at degree level, at the University of Nottingham or elsewhere. We offer courses in the fields of midwifery, nursing, sport rehabilitation, physiotherapy and health promotion and public health. 

Please note: If you meet the entry requirements for our undergraduate courses, you are not eligible to apply for this foundation course. 

Reasons to study with us

  • Academic excellence: develop your academic reading, writing, critical thinking skills to prepare you for the next level of study. Our dedicated team will support you in developing these skills, laying a strong foundation for your future academic journey. 

  • Tailored healthcare teaching: experience healthcare-specific teaching and skills development, providing you with insights into the dynamic and rewarding field of healthcare. Discover your passion and purpose in the diverse areas of healthcare careers. 

  • Enhanced knowledge: strengthen your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the vital role healthcare professionals play in society.  

  • University experience: enjoy university life with access to the same sports facilities, clubs, societies, and student support services as degree students. Immerse yourself in a vibrant and inclusive community that encourages personal growth and exploration. 

Before you apply

Hear from Ro Revell on the Health Sciences with Foundation progression requirements.