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Invigilators are hired and trained by Student Services – Development (Academic Processes) for the purpose of supporting centrally scheduled examinations and termtime Rogō examinations.

Important Information for the 2020-2021 Academic Session:

During the 2020-2021 Academic Session assessment is primarily remote however, there are some exceptions to this. If you require invigilators for an in-person examination please contact the Exams Office – ensuring that you allow at least 6 weeks before the examination date so that invigilators can be procured, trained and given a new CA/Unitemps number to enable payment.

For Departments wishing to run in-house written examinations during termtime, the Exams Office will facilitate the Department’s access to invigilators but shall no longer organise invigilation services on the Department’s behalf. This does not apply to Rogō examinations which the Exams Office will continue to support and provide invigilators for. 

Exams office can share the list of Invigilators who opt in to work for In Departmental exams, if requested. Departments can also request to use Exams Office’s student invigilators who are already registered with Unitemps. However, they will have to be booked under a separate job with Unitemps and payments should be made by using the departmental budget code.  

In house exam procedure

All invigilators are trained in the policies and procedures outlined in the Invigilation Training Manual, and in accordance with the Quality Manual. For guidance on centrally scheduled examinations, please refer to the Invigilation Training Manual (available here). Departments should brief invigilators on any specific in-house requirements which differ from central procedures. Departments should in every instance be aware of and accommodate any alternative arrangements for students.

Departments are welcome to contact the Exams Office for assistance with general queries or guidance on any examination procedure. The Exams Office shall not be responsible for the conduct of invigilators in examinations which are not managed centrally or are not Rogō. 

Rates of pay

Departments are responsible for submitting invigilator payments directly to Payroll for in-house examinations. Invigilators are Casual Workers and should therefore be paid by submitting to payroll a CSV09 (electronic), or a PAY01a (paper), using a departmental project code. These forms are available on Workspace.

Before any invigilation work is carried out, each invigilator should provide his or her payroll number and current casual assignment number. Please note that the casual assignment number changes year to year and the invigilator is responsible for ensuring they provide an accurate, in-date assignment number to be paid with.

The Exams Office rate of pay for invigilators can be found in the Payment section here. If you wish you pay at a different rate, please ensure invigilators are made aware of this in advance. Please also make clear to invigilators what hours you will be paying for time before and after examinations for administrative duties.

Contact list

If you would like a list of invigilators who have indicated they are willing to be contacted to fulfil departmental requests, please email

Departments must contact the Exams Office directly to request the contact list; the list should not be passed between Departments. Invigilator details should be kept secure and never shared with third parties, or with other invigilators. As this list may change, Departments are responsible for requesting an updated copy regularly.

Some invigilators are trained in computer-based exams, whilst others are not. Please make your exam requirements clear when you send requests. Please also make clear where, when, and to whom invigilators should report, as well as their role – e.g. lead, assistant. When contacting invigilators, please also clearly state that it is a departmental exam request. 

Information for invigilators

The Exams Office does not organise invigilation services for Departments for term time in-house examinations (this does not apply to term time Rogo exams, which are still organised centrally). Individual University Departments are expected to contact and pay invigilators directly for in-house examinations. There will be an option in the availability form for invigilators to specify whether they would like to be contacted for term-time department exams. The details that are provided to departments are:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Payroll number
  • Casual Assignment number

If you are an invigilator and you wish to be added or removed from the contact list at any time, please let the Exams Office know. Please note that old copies of this list may still be saved locally with some departments, so if you are contacted but no longer wish to be contacted, we cannot control this and you should inform the Department directly.

You are primarily employed to support the Exams Office’s central exam periods in January, May/June, and August. Departments should not be requesting your invigilation services for exams which take place in these periods. If you accept work which conflicts with your availability to support centrally scheduled exams, you may be subject to dismissal.

Although the Exams Office will offer guidance to Departments, none of our policies will necessarily be applied to departmental exams, and the Exams Office shall have no involvement. Therefore, some paperwork or other procedures may be different. The Department should brief you on these. Any exams which are not allocated to you via our central email address –  - should not be included on any timesheet which you send to us. The department may request that you submit your hours in a different format than our Log of Hours.

We have no control over any cancellations or changes the department may make to your schedule and you may use your discretion as to whether you wish to accept work.

Please ensure that you are only working as an invigilator if you have an in-date casual assignment number for this role. You are responsible for providing this number to departments and ensuring it is in date. If you are unsure whether it is current, you may contact HR or the Exams Office. In most cases, your Payroll number does not change from year-to-year.


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