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Preparation, Submission and Examination of Thesis for a Research Degree

Notification of Submission of Thesis for Examination

Your supervisor’s signature on the Notification of submission of thesis form acts as a confirmation:

  • that the thesis is the result of work done mainly while you have been registered as a student of The University of Nottingham
  • that you have been given appropriate plagiarism guidance
  • that if appropriate to your discipline, you are aware of the requirement to submit all data collected during the period of study as a research student of this University, to your School prior to arrangement of the viva voce examination

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Once it is received by Student Services, we contact your School to ask them to arrange examiners for you.

Submission of Thesis for Examination

You are not precluded from incorporating in your thesis any part of work already submitted by yourself for a degree in this or any other university, provided that in the application to the University for admission to the course for the degree for which you are registered, or at an appropriate later date, you stated a desire to do so, and in the thesis itself you indicate the part of the work so incorporated.  In any such case you may be required to produce previous work.

You are required to submit your thesis for examination by the submission deadline notified to you during your course of studies.  Full time doctoral students submitting a thesis after this deadline, without receiving formal approval from the University for an extension of time , will be permitted to submit up to twelve months after their latest submission date as long as the maximum period from initial registration  has not been reached.   Once the work has been submitted the late submission fee for each month or part month (as per the University Fee Schedule) that passes between your expected submission date and the date that your thesis is actually submitted will be raised and is payable immediately. For students who are not on doctorates or who are not full time there is no recourse to submit a thesis late and an extension to thesis pending must be requested.


Extension to Thesis Pending

The Extension to Thesis Pending Period policy can be found in the University’s Quality Manual. Applications for extensions of time should be made through your Student Services Centre, the Student Registry at UNMC or the Graduate School at UNNC. Please note, that extensions are only approved for the reasons outlined in the policy.

Softbound version for Examination

Theses should be presented on A4 paper, normally with 12 font typescript. There should be a margin of at least 1.5 inches, preferably 2 inches (5cm), on the left side of the page, both for typescript and diagrams, to allow for binding. Other margins should be of at least 1 inch (2.5 cm).

Searchable PDF version for Examination

You are also required to provide an electronic version of your thesis for examination. This should be on a compatible disc (CD) and be clearly labelled with your full name and student ID number.

Submitting your Softbound and electronic thesis

You must submit to Student Administration two soft-bound copies of their thesis, eg spiral-bound or plastic binding as well as an electronic version saved as a searchable PDF on a CD. Theses presented in lever-arch or box-files will not be accepted unless the work is in a different format as per “Alternative formats of thesis submission” regulations.


Outcomes of Examination

Award of degree for which you are registered

If the outcome of your examination is that your work needs no further corrections, you should upload the work to the University’s etheses service. Your examiner will then check that the version that has been uploaded is the same work that has been approved at examination. Once this approval has been given, you will become eligible for graduation. Please see the Key Dates section for the appropriate dates for Graduation eligibility. If your examiner informs us that they will not be able to approve your work in time for you to become eligible for Graduation we will inform you in writing of this.

Typographical errors or minor amendments

If you have been recommended minor corrections to your thesis within one month or three months, you should upload the corrected work to the University’s etheses service. Once you have uploaded your thesis the relevant examiner will check that the corrections are satisfactory. If they are they will formally approve your work by informing Student Administration. Once this is done, Student Administration will write to you confirming your Graduation date (if known). If your examiner informs us that they will not be able to approve your work in time for you to become eligible for Graduation we will inform you in writing of this. Please see the Key Dates section for the appropriate dates for Graduation eligibility.


If it has been recommended that you resubmit your work within twelve months, then you should follow the same procedure per your initial softbound submission. A referral recommendation carries a fee. Please see the University Fee Schedule for more information.

For other outcomes of examination, please see the University regulations.


University of Nottingham Deposit of Electronic Thesis

All successful candidates for research degrees are required by University regulations to upload a final version of their thesis to the University eTheses service. This will be archived as a record of the work which has been examined and must reflect the version submitted to the examiners with any required corrections made.

Before uploading your thesis, you should consider the following:

Confidential Content

If the content of the thesis contains confidential material then a second version with the sensitive material removed should also be submitted. Similarly, if you have conducted a survey or presented a case study, the data may need to be anonymized.

Third Party Copyright Content

You need to identify whether the thesis reproduces any substantial material for which copyright belongs to a third party.  If it does, you are personally responsible for establishing in advance that it is lawful to retain this in the version of your thesis to be published via Nottingham eTheses.  You must also ensure that ownership of copyright in any such third party content is explicitly and sufficiently acknowledged within the thesis.  Any material that was created by someone else, whether or not it was previously published, is likely to fall under the definition of third party copyright.  Examples could be reproductions of photographs, graphs, illustration or extensive quotations. The guide Copyright and intellectual property guidance for electronic thesis submission outlines various avenues open to you to establish permission to retain this content.

Setting an Embargo

Unless you indicate a different preference on the thesis submission template, the public version of the thesis will be published online once the degree has been conferred. You may prefer to select the option to make your thesis fully open access as recommended by many funding bodies. You may also wish to delay online publication of the full text by requesting an embargo period, of up to two years, to allow publication through alternative channels. Note that with embargoed theses, while the full text is not publicly available, the bibliographic details (author, title and abstract) are discoverable and available to read.  You must discuss these options with your supervisor.

Applying for a Restriction

In special cases the Senate may impose a restriction on the consultation of a thesis for a period of two years from the date of the award of the degree if requested to do so.

Once the full text of your thesis has become publicly available an electronic copy may also be included in the British Library Electronic Thesis Online System (EThOS) and the metadata will be discoverable via Internet search engines.

Please visit the Uploading the Final Submission page for further information and instructions.


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