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Uploading your thesis

The University has now approved for the default submission of the PGR thesis to be in electronic format (rather than as a soft-bound and USB/CD digital copy). Please follow instructions below to submit it via University’s ePrints service. In the description field please indicate if this is your first submission, corrrections, re-submission or final version. Once the degree has been conferred, your final version will be retained for publication in the repository, all other copies will be deleted (except where an additional file is uploaded specifically for reader access).


How to upload your thesis

Once the degree has been conferred, the thesis will be published (i.e. the full text made available on an open access basis online) unless:

  • The content contains confidential material, or material that infringes copyright. In this case an alternative version with the sensitive or copyright-infringing material removed should also be submitted.

  • The content includes third party copyright material for which permission to reproduce cannot be established. There are several options that may lead to permission for third party copyright material to remain (the guide Copyright and intellectual property guidance for electronic thesis submission outlines these).  If none of these succeed, an alternative version with the copyright material removed should also be submitted.

  • A restriction has been applied for due to time-limited confidentiality issues. In this case bibliographic details and the full text would only be visible to repository staff.

  • An embargo has been requested. The thesis is not formally restricted but the author wishes it to remain confidential prior to publication in a different form. In this case the full-text would only be visible to repository staff.  However, it is important to note that with embargoed theses, the bibliographic details (author, title and abstract) are discoverable and available to read.  Please consider whether the abstract contains commercial or sensitive information in consultation with your supervisor.

Written theses should be deposited in PDF format. (This option is usually available within word processing software. For example Microsoft Word offers a 'save as PDF' option. Open your Word document, click on the Office button on the top left corner, go to save as, then click PDF. This will save your document in a PDF format.) However data, audio and video files may also be uploaded.

Research data should be archived separately, please see here for more information.

The steps in the Deposit process

Please ensure that you have discussed the terms under which your thesis will be made available with your supervisor. If your final thesis contains material which infringes a third party’s copyright then please obtain direct permission to reproduce this from the copyright owners or also upload a second copy with this material removed. Examples could be reproductions of photographs, graphs, illustration, extensive quotations or similar materials. Similarly, if you have conducted a survey or presented a case study, the data may need to by anonymised.


1. You will need the following information:

  • the type of degree - PhD, DM, MPhil, MRes, etc.

  • the full title of your thesis

  • the abstract of your thesis

  • the names of your supervisors

  • the year and month when you expect to graduate

  • the full text of your thesis, in PDF format


2. At the Nottingham etheses Home Page, Login with your University username and password


3. Click on "New Item"




4. On the following pages, select Item Type (i.e. "Thesis"), Thesis type and Faculty/School from the pick lists.


5. Upload your PDF(s). For each file you need to provide further information.  Please DO NOT start a new thesis deposit if you have supplemental files (e.g. audio, video).  Put them all on the same record.



Use Version to indicate:

  • Thesis – as examined

  • Thesis for reader access – any sensitive & copyright-infringing material removed

In the description field please indicate if this is your first submission, corrections or re-submission.

‘Visible to’ allows you to specify who can access the full text of your thesis. UoN advocates a policy of openness wherever possible and research funders may also require outputs to be available open access. Please consider the open access status of your thesis in discussion with your supervisor.


  • Anyone: the document is available to anyone via the world wide web

  • Repository staff only: the document can be requested by site visitors who identify themselves via a web form.

Repository staff only: should be used for any access other than the Open Access “Anyone” option. It allows a log to be maintained of those requesting the full text of a thesis. If the title is embargoed (i.e. suppressed pending future publication), then access will be declined. If the thesis is restricted then there is a later option to specify this and it will not be discoverable at all.

Licence: You should check the appropriate licence to assign to your work with your supervisor. Supervisors know the circumstances surrounding the research – the commercial and ethical sensitivity, the possibility of patent application and funder requirements. For more information on the meaning of Creative Commons licences, please see UoN Libraries Licences webpage.

Supervisor discussion: You must check the appropriate licence to assign to your work and whether an Embargo is required with your Supervisor.

Embargo: You may request an embargo period if you wish to suppress the full text pending publication of an article or book based on the content of your thesis. Please note that bibliographic details of your thesis, including any abstract, will be visible to the public.

Supervisor access waiver: where an embargo is applied to your thesis it cannot be released without author permission. Please indicate whether you will pre-approve a request from your supervisor to view the thesis during an embargo period.


6. Click Next to fill in the bibliographic details template (author, title, abstract etc).



For Award Date enter the date when you expect to graduate.

If a thesis has an official Restriction then enter the details here to ensure that the thesis is not visible within the live repository.

Optionally add Keywords to help others to find your thesisComments and Suggestions are only visible to you and administrative staff. If there are particular reasons why you would need an embargo for longer than 2 years, please give details here.

Read the Deposit Licence carefully and deposit your files(s)

Your submission will be checked and a public version will appear in the archive after your award has been conferred.



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