Meet the game changers

Nottingham has an established tradition of elite athletes choosing to study with us. This year, you helped support a record number of student athletes to compete at the highest level during their studies. Our sports scholars participate in more than 25 different sports, with several representing their country at international junior and senior levels. There has been a 100% increase in inclusive fitness sessions delivered.

Sport is for everyone and no barriers should stand in the way of our athletes, regardless of their differences.

Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur, Para-Athlete

Simran Kaur, Para-Athletics (Chemistry MSci, 2nd year)

When I was a baby, doctors found a lump on my arm which developed into cancer, I had my arm amputated at four-years-old. Obviously, it’s a big thing to happen but my disability hasn’t ever held me back!

I played football for 10 years then picked up athletics in secondary school. I tore my ACL which stopped my football career, so I transitioned into athletics. In my first year competing, I made it into the GB Junior World Championship team and managed to medal in the 100 and 200 metres.

At Nottingham, I’m studying alongside training. Having support from the coaches, lifestyle advisors and the scholarship team is amazing. I’m hoping to make a para-Olympic team in the future. Whether it is Paris or Los Angeles – that’s something I aim for.

In my academics, I want to focus on sustainable chemistry. I’d like to say thank you to the donors of my scholarship for enabling me to continue training for my sport at the highest possible level. My scholarship is the reason I can compete and work towards my future goals.


Owen Say, Para-Swimmer (Archaeology and Geography, 3rd year)

As a para-swimming scholar, I have a lot of access to the facilities at David Ross. Whether that’s training with the swim team, strength and conditioning sessions or drop-in sessions I’ve had individually tailored to me.

The British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) competitions have been my highlights - both were very successful with two silvers and a gold in 2021, then two golds and a silver in 2022 and more on the way, hopefully! It’s always good to see my training pay off as well as the great team atmosphere.

I think it is vital to get representation in sport out there. It shows the public who may be new to the world of para-sport that an impairment doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out for the count. Some of the best para-swimmers are faster than some able-bodied swimmers and, while that comes with time and dedication, it shows that most people with a disability can apply themselves to a sport, whether that’s at a social or a competitive level.

Right now, my focus is on academics, I’m wrapping up my third and final year soon and hoping to do a postgraduate degree at Nottingham, giving me one more year with the team and more opportunities to compete for the university. I’ll continue training and, fingers crossed, I’m hoping to start competing more at an international level. In the future, I would like to go on to coach swimming using the skills I’ve learned while being mentored at the university.

The funding my scholarship has provided has not gone unnoticed; it is a huge privilege to be in the position I’m in. The donors have helped to fund the facilities, equipment and staff needed to help me reach this position. I will continue to make full use of it, so thank you very much.

I think it is vital to get representation in sport out there. It shows the public who may be new to the world of para-sport that an impairment doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out for the count.
Owen Say

Celebrating the Class of 72/73

We offer our thanks and gratitude to the Cricket Class of 72/73 for their support to the Cricket Club, supporting coaching and later going on to generously donate to cricket facility upgrades at Highfields Sports Ground.

Special thanks to Mr Alan Budge (Industrial Economics, 1974), who has generously supported the university for over 30 years. Alan has been a valuable member of our Sports Board, sharing his professional skills and expertise with our staff.

Alice Heap, Cricket Ladies’ President (Politics and International Relations, 3rd year)

The support from donors has been amazing in terms of allowing us to continue prioritising inclusivity and accessibility within our club. Alumni donations have allowed us to buy new bats and other expensive equipment, meaning that anyone can take part without having to pay a huge fee for personal equipment or worry about storage.

Historically, cricket is an elitist sport, requiring a multitude of equipment and only provided in a handful of schools. We don’t hold trials, meaning everyone is part of the same club and trains together. Last year, UNLCC had their best season ever finishing as the BUCS Midlands Tier 1 champions and beating Loughborough.

Our aim is to create a space where women can get active, meet people and have fun. Hopefully providing an opportunity for women who have never played to give cricket a go.


Alan Budge (Industrial Economics, 1974)

"I give to Sport at the University of Nottingham because it helps in contributing fitness, skills, and personal development for students; together with extending friendships and networks that last a lifetime. I would encourage others to donate, help sustain and build on what exists today; to give a little bit back and help those who may otherwise struggle in realising their full potential during time at Nottingham."


How you’ve made a difference

As well as a reputation for academic excellence, we have a history of sporting success and are passionate about supporting promising athletes during their time at university.

In the BUCS 2021-2022 season, Nottingham ranked number two in sport and number one in team sport in the UK. Nottingham was the Times’ Sports University of the Year 2021. There is space for all disciplines of sport at Nottingham.

Thanks to your donations, hundreds of students like Simran, Owen and Alice can access fantastic sports facilities and funding to make their dreams a reality.

Thank you for everything you do to help our rising sports stars and students discover the brilliant benefits that sport at Nottingham can bring.

If you’ve been inspired by the athletes’ incredible commitment to sport and you would like to make a donation, please click this link.