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Top 10 tips: How to succeed in the workplace


So you’ve landed a job and have made it through the first few weeks as a ‘newbie’. Have you thought about what you might expect for the next few months and how you can make sure that you continue to impress your new employer? Here are a few tips to help you along.
  1. Be realistic about how much you can do in the first few weeks. It is often said that it takes at least six months to settle into a new job so although it’s good to have high expectations of yourself it’s also important to remember that it’s a new challenge and you’re learning on the job. 

  2. 70:30 rule. You don’t have to love your entire job. There will certainly be parts of it that you don’t enjoy but think about how you could tackle the parts you don’t like to improve the balance.

  3. Revisit your induction plan if you’ve been given one. Are there any actions you still need to meet or people you need to introduce yourself to?  If you haven’t had an induction think about what information or training would help you to do your job. 

  4. Book in a one to one with your line manager. It’s important to find out if you’re meeting your managers’ expectations as well as discussing any areas of the job you are not sure about. You might be under a probationary period which means that you will have certain criteria (objectives or targets) to reach within a three or six month period. This is a good time to check that you are on track to meeting them. 

  5. Seek out opportunities. The first few weeks can sometimes involve some mundane and unchallenging work. Don’t let that stop you putting yourself forward for other things with the agreement of your manager. 

  6. Work life balance.  It’s easy to get immersed in working life but don’t forget your friends and family. Everyone needs a break. 

  7. Ask questions. Don’t worry if you don’t know everything. Being inquisitive is a good way to keep learning. Talking to people around the business and finding out how departments work will help you to understand how your role fits in at the same time as building relationships. 

  8. Remain professional at all times. After a few weeks in an organisation it’s easy to relax into the environment and allow yourself to be drawn into office politics. Try to remain impartial and stay focused on your role. 

  9. It’s a foot in the door. If things aren’t what you expected, remember that it is a first step forward in your career. It doesn’t have to be forever.

  10. Christmas party warning. It’s still early days so make sure you enjoy the party but not too much! It’s important to create a reputation but not for the wrong reasons. A good rule, always stay one drink behind your boss!
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Posted on Tuesday 19th September 2017

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