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Makeup that makes a difference

Kohl Kreatives makeup brushes

Critics of the beauty industry slate its superficiality. But Trishna Daswaney (Management, 2015) is proving that cosmetics really can be more than skin deep. 

Trishna Daswaney, founder of Kohl Kreatives
Armed with a passion for empowering others through makeup, Trishna has set up an organisation to help men and women in special circumstances build and rebuild their confidence and self-esteem through the power of makeup. 

Kohl Kreatives specialises in in hair and makeup products, including a line of brushes now stocked online by Boots, while charity arm Kohl Kares offers free workshops to support people with physical disfigurements to recreate their features through cosmetics, help patients undergoing chemotherapy, and assist veterans with physical injuries and scarring they may want help to conceal. The company also specialises in makeup for transgender men and women, offering tutorials and skin care advice. 

Inspired by her father’s entrepreneurial spirit, Trishna established the business with the support of the University’s Ingenuity Lab in 2012. The Lab currently works with around 150 alumni and student start-up businesses, offering a wide range of support, services and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs. 

“As a teenager I was bullied for my appearance. But something about putting makeup on my face gave me a brand new identity and confidence,” said Trishna. 

“Throughout high school, I desperately wanted to work in cosmetics. I loved doing makeup for charity fashion shows – showcasing my skills and refining them. Alongside my degree, I decided to build a portfolio and professionally train as a makeup artist. I spent two years gaining commercial work and building my credibility so that I could build my own brand to help empower people through the power of makeup.”

Trishna has been featured in a range of publications and has received mentoring from a range of established entrepreneurs, such as Mich Stevenson, Judy Naake, Mel Berry and Steven Chapman. With Kohl Kreatives’ line of makeup brushes now available through Boots, the company’s profile is set to rise. 

“As a makeup artist, brushes were the first tools I learned to use,” said Trishna. “With that came the understanding of what brushes I like to use, how I like to use them and of course, how I could make them better. Our brushes are amazing! They tick all the boxes – cruelty-free, vegan, a shape to fit every face, and they stand up.”

But as Kohl Kreatives hits new heights, the mission to empower people through the power of makeup remains at the core of Trishna’s vision. 

“Primarily, we cater to individuals transitioning from one gender to another, as well as those undergoing chemotherapy. Through our free workshops, we teach people how to do their own makeup so that they leave with the skills and confidence to be able to apply makeup themselves. Our aim is to bring beauty back to basics for men and women - so they can feel good about themselves every day.”

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