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Thanks for the memories

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Many of our proudest moments, our greatest achievements and our lasting memories are drawn from our University days. From meeting lifelong friends to walking across the stage at Graduation, the special moments that mean the most stay with us long after we've left campus behind. Our shared story is shaped by your memories of what makes Nottingham great – and continuing the conversation with today's students helps to define what it means to be a Nottingham student for generations to come. We really love hearing about your time at University – and our student calling team recently took to the phones to ask alumni for their favourite memories of Nottingham. More than 200 of you shared your fondest, funniest or most meaningful moments – thanks to everyone that took part. Here's what some of you said...

"My favourite memory is of driving myself and a group of New Theatre members to Scarborough for a drama festival. My car broke down, and we got terribly lost, but when we eventually arrived we won the Best Production Award for our performance of Jerusalem!"
Edward Colwell (English, 2014)

"After all I'd gone through, my Graduation day was an emotional moment for me. Two months before I had lost my mum, but the support I received from my mentors was fantastic. They helped me through my exams and my dissertation, so I still graduated, and I'm just so, so grateful for that." Polaroid image of student at graduation
Regina Waweru (Adult Nursing, 2014)

"My favourite memory was when the University hosted a film night in my second year at Nottingham. With my friends outdoors, we all watched the screening of Harry Potter on the Downs! Everyone had blankets, a picnic, people were sharing food and wine. It was ghoulish but a real inclusive night and very special."
Micha Smith (French Studies, 2014)

"I was holding my four-week-old baby on Graduation day and waited for someone to stop me taking him on stage to receive my MA qualification, but nobody did, so now he is in the picture with me!"
Dr Harriet Shannon (Systematic and Philosophical Theology, 2014)

'My favourite memory was Sutton Bonington's Summer Ball with Midsummer Night's Dream theme, which took place on campus. We had amazing decorations, good food and we stayed awake until 6am the next day for a big group photo."
Sarah Dallas (Animal Science, 2015)

"I'd finished my dissertation for my MA four days in advance, having written it entirely in my single room at Broadgate Park. On the submission day, I'd already taken everything to the printing office in Portland Building to be bound, and I walked from Broadgate to Portland to collect my work. I remember it was a really nice September day and with my head held high, I felt so thankful of the walk I took that day because it really gave me a huge sense of pride in what I had achieved here at Nottingham and what the University had done for me, all appreciated through this walk. Going to Engineering and dropping off my work is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life."
Joseph Holt (Sustainable Energy Engineering, 2013)

"I studied medicine, so I was at the University of Nottingham for a long time! It's hard to choose one memory. It must be when I went to the Attenborough Nature Reserve. I dug a hole, and put a cool box full of beer and lilos in it near the lake. I then made a secret map for my friends to find it!" Polaroid image of Trent Building
William Jarvis
(Medicine, 2015)

"I was starting my year abroad, and I was meant to be going to the Ningbo China campus, but I'd accidentally booked a flight to Shanghai, thinking everyone else would be flying to Shanghai too and a coach would be picking us up. But it turned out that everyone else had actually got a flight to Ningbo, so I was left stranded and had to find my way from Shanghai to Ningbo, in a country I had never been to, trying to speak a foreign language. I eventually ended up in Ningbo seven hours later than everyone else. It may not have been the best start, but I made such good friends there and had an amazing year."
Maria Connolly (Contemporary Chinese Studies, 2014)

"My favourite memory from my time at the University was meeting my wife at Highfields Park. We took a long walk around the park, and she was really quiet to start with, barely said a word. But by the end we were chatting away, and now I'm happy to call her my wife!"
Mark Martin (Mental Health Nursing, 2014)

"One philosophy module I did was on 'Environmental Ethics' which included 'animal shaming'. Knowing I had guinea pigs at home, a lecturer asked me to bring them to our next lecture. I had to stand at the front of the lecture hall while my fellow students decided whether or not they'd prefer to shame me or my guinea pig... my guinea pig won!"
Lucy Mellor (English and Philosophy, 2015)

 Your memories wove a rich tapestry of University life and our students got a real sense of our shared story at Nottingham. Some of your memories spoke beautifully of how everyday moments on campus meant the most, others of the unusual and special opportunities that are only rarely available. 

Our spring telethon has just started – as well as asking for more alumni memories, we're focusing on raising support for Cascade, our fund that turns brilliant student ideas into projects that make a difference and keep our University an exciting place to be. The more projects we can fund, the more extraordinary experiences there will be to fuel the wonderful memories of the future! Find out more about Cascade – and listen out for our call to share your memories of your time at Nottingham. 


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