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Nottingham Research Chemicals 




Nottingham Research Chemicals 



Supported by the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account we have established an internal business unit within the University named Nottingham Research Chemicals (NRC).  It aims to identify, promote and sell the novel compounds that resulted from unique and high quality synthetic chemistry research in the School of Chemistry.

As coordinated by the BPU team members, the project has developed necessary internal database, protocols and facilities to support the best possible route of a selected compound from the research laboratory to the end product ready for sale.

To enable the best distribution of the NRC compounds worldwide, we have established a co-marketing collaboration with Key Organics Ltd., a leading provider of chemical products to the global life science industries. The compounds coming from this partnership are currently marketed under NS-000XX product code and can be purchased directly through the online BIONET shop of Key Organics Ltd. as well as through various distribution platforms listing their products such as eMolecules and Aldrich Market Select.



Current Product Portfolio


 To date, the NRC project lead to market almost 40 compounds from the vast and high value research of Chris Moody, Rob Stockman, and Simon Woodward laboratories. Expansion of the initiative continues around the School of Chemistry, and we invite all researchers to join.


Current examples of compounds available from Nottingham Research Chemicals include DABAL-Me3, a selection of sulfinimines and various indoles (shown opposite). 



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The above are just some of the chemicals available right now from Nottingham Research Chemicals 


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