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Our pioneering research is changing the world.

We’re one of the leading universities in the UK for translating our engineering and architecture research into real world impact.

Our engineers and architects design novel processes, develop revolutionary products and influence policy helping to shape society, boost business, and make a greener planet spin a little smoother. Across transport, healthcare, energymanufacturing and our cities and environment - we’re pioneering solutions and solving real world challenges.

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A man using the pulse device in a room
Building airtightness test

A building airtightness technique, recognised in the UK Building Regulations, to improve the energy efficiency of new and old buildings.

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Continuous manufacturing facility at Promethean Particles
Innovative carbon capture

Pioneering the use and industrial scale manufacture of metal-organic-frameworks to drive more energy efficient carbon capture for Drax Power Station.

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Microwave processing system
Revolutionising copper extraction

Reducing energy consumption in copper extraction by over 20% by using microwave technology to extract copper from its ore.

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A passenger plane flying through the sky
Developing global standards

Creating models that underpin five International Aerospace Information Reports on electric power systems used in the aerospace industry.

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Flare robot working on an aero engine
Revolutionising engine maintenance

Developing robots for in-situ maintenance of Rolls-Royce aero engines reducing engine maintenance downtime from days to hours.

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A laser assessing the microstructure of a test sample
Evaluating materials integrity

A revolutionary non-destructive imaging technique that can be used during the manufacturing process to assess the microstructure of materials.

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A medical professional using a burns scanner
Novel device to assess burn wounds

Helping clinicians make quicker, accurate assessments of burn wounds improving outcomes for paediatric patients.

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Two engineers examining a pre-formed composite piece
Automating composite pre-forming

Creating a fully-automated pilot-scale manufacturing process for complex composites shapes for the automotive industry.

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A newborn baby wearing the SurePulse designed cap
Monitoring newborn babies

Wirelessly measuring a baby’s heart rate during resuscitation, using a sensor in a cap, allowing doctors to be hands-free for interventions.

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A pile of refuse derived fuel pellets
Transforming power generation

Helping European power stations transition safely to non-fossil fuel sources by characterising new renewable fuels.

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A woman laying on a hospital bed wearing the wireless foetal monitor
Making childbirth safer worldwide

World’s first wearable and wireless foetal monitor improves accuracy in heart rate monitoring during labour reducing unnecessary interventions.

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Manufacturing facilities in the Advanced Manufacturing Building
Evolvable Assembly Systems

Designing self-adapting manufacturing systems for the cost-effective manufacturing of complex, high-value products at low volumes.

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A HyPy machine
Developing new pyrolysis techniques

Creating two innovative high-pressure pyrolysis techniques to characterise organic macromolecules and simulate oil and gas generation.

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Driving simulator in the Faculty of Engineering
Designing Human-Machine Interfaces

Designing distraction free Human-Machine Interfaces for vehicles to improve safety, driver engagement and driving efficiency.

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A hand holding a urinary catheter
Enhancing catheter coatings

Optimising a copolymer structure for a bacteria resistant urinary catheter coating to create a commercially viable product.

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3D printed structure
Removing barriers for 3D printing

Spin-out company Added Scientific are enabling the global commercial exploitation of additive manufacturing.

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A pavilion
Creating unique pavilions

Designing and constructing temporary hospitality pavilions and prestigious exhibitions for art, sport and industry using tensile membranes and cables.

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An engineer working in the laboratory
Designing safer pipes

Preventing environmental disasters by modelling multiphase flow to validate pipe design models underpinning the oil and gas industry.

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Skeleton of a dinosaur
Transforming museum experiences

Using the Dinosaurs of China exhibition in Nottingham to demonstrate the effectiveness of research into enhancing visitors experiential learning.

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Images showing the stages of osteoporosis in bones
Fracture prevention treatment

Pioneering calcium phosphate microspheres, with incorporated stem cells, to help reduce osteoporotic fractures and repair bone.

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