Faculty of Engineering

Research Impact

Ranked top 10 in the UK for research power.

We are committed to demonstrating the contribution our research makes to society and the economy. Our skills and knowledge benefit individuals, organisations and nations by:

  • Encouraging the economic competitiveness of the UK
  • Increasing the effectiveness of public services and policy
  • Enhancing quality of life, health and creative output


Airbus Racer Helicopter

Success Stories

We seek to ensure our research contributes outside of academia advancing a global society.

Surepulse Monitor for newborns

Technology Transfer

Industries look to harness our revolutionary technologies transferring them into their businesses.

Creative Energy Homes on University Park Campus

Prizes and Awards

Our world-leading research has earnt recognition from industry, institutes and professional bodies.


Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 Results

  • The Faculty of Engineering scored exceptionally high in the 2014 REF
  • More than 98% of our research is of international quality (At least 2*)
  • 89% of our research is graded as ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’ (3* and 4*)

What is Research Impact?

Where can our research have impact?

  • Employment practices and opportunities
  • Collaboration and knowledge transfer
  • Engagement and access
  • Financial Services
  • Guidelines, policy, strategy or regulation
  • Products and/or interventions
  • Knowledge, skills and training
  • The natural world
  • Operation, process and service delivery
  • Reputation and profile
  • Teaching, learning and pedagogy
Our research has impact when it....
  • Has reach and significance
  • Identifies and solves a sector need
  • Shows uptake by research users and beneficiaries
  • Includes partners, research user and impact in both research design and delivery
  • Includes international and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Shows engagement with research users, networks, external partners and organisations
  • Can be measured in a number of ways
  • Brings about a change
How does research impact benefit the university?
  • It demonstrates our work effects and changes the economy, culture and society beyond academia
  • We show accountability for the initial investment
  • It attracts future funding, investment and collaboration
  • We continue to grow our reputation for excellent research attracting the very best students and researchers
  • Helps build national and international collaborations with key stakeholders and strengthen the difference our research makes



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