Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, is the next revolution inmanufacturing technology, building complex, three-dimensional objects layer-by-layer that cannot be created using conventional means, and considered integral to Industry 4.0. However, issues such as anisotropic mechanical properties, low volumes and post-processing are currently limiting widespread uptake of AM.

Through its solution-focused and technology-agnostic research, the Faculty of Engineering’s Centre for Additive Manufacturing – one of the largest AM research groups in the world – has been focused on reducing and removing these limiting barriers to maximise the potential of AM.

In 2014 the University of Nottingham created spin-out company Added Scientific Ltd to bridge the gap between academic research and commercial exploitation of AM. Using the same technology-agnostic approach as the Centre for Additive Manufacturing, Added Scientific has been able to collaborate with global companies and SMEs on commercial terms, supporting the exploitation of AM through new processes, products, strategies, and investment decisions. This has enabled Added Scientific to develop novel applications and materials on a shorter timescale than university projects, get companies closer to production, and enable the global commercial exploitation of additive manufacturing. 

Added Scientific has also taken a leading role in the international AM community through the Additive International conference providing training and contributing to European Union intellectual property strategy.



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