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Midwifery Placements

Your experience in real clinical settings will allow you to put into practice what you have learned in the classroom. Midwifery can be challenging, but with the support and expertise of midwife mentors and teachers around you, you will be able to build up your competence and confidence.

Where do placements take place?

Student midwives in the Division of Midwifery are allocated to the following Trust sites and community settings in the East Midlands:

  • Chesterfield
  • Derby
  • Lincolnshire – Boston and Lincoln*
  • Mansfield
  • Nottingham

* Please note there are no clinical allocations to Boston and Lincoln for January cohorts.

'Home' and 'Away' placements

Student midwives spend the first and third year of the programme in their 'Home' base Trust and year two in their 'Away' Trust. 

When a student midwife accepts an offer on the midwifery programme in the Division of Midwifery at The University of Nottingham, they will be invited to complete a preference form that details four options to choose a 'Home' Trust site. 

The Placement Team, together with the Midwifery Practice Lead, try to allocate student midwives based on one of their four choices but this cannot always be guaranteed. On the same form students are invited to provide some additional information that may be helpful when allocating a Trust site, e.g. whether the student drives, or is a car owner. Additionally, special considerations can be applied for.

The 'Away' Trusts will be arranged at the same time based on the allocation of the 'Home' Placements.

In the first week of the programme, there is a period of a few days for students to negotiate a direct exchange with another student; both 'home' and 'away' allocations need to be exchanged.

Students will remain in their allocated 'Home' and 'Away' sites unless a special considerations application is approved.

Please note that you will be expected to either commute to your placements or find accommodation nearby. 

The full list of midwifery placements and placement evaluation for students can be found on the Placement Database on ARC POW

Skills gained 

During your allocated placements you will gain experience of caring for women in a variety of midwifery settings both in the acute hospital environment and in the community. You will also gain experience in non-midwifery clinical areas: medicine, surgery/gynaecology, theatres, perinatal mental health and neonatal units.

Each of the hospitals provides an outstanding learning environment, with study facilities, libraries, technological teaching and learning materials.

Study abroad

Through the University's ERASMUS+ scheme, you may have the opportunity to study in a European country for 9 weeks at one of our partner universities in Denmark, Ireland, Italy or Malta. A bursary is available for this and is dependent on on the country being visited. There is a competitive selection process for the scheme.

Additionally there is the opportunity for a 2 week elective placement at home or abroad. 


During your placements you will be under the supervision of a variety of qualified midwife mentors, and also work alongside other support staff. You will be linked to a Supervisor of Midwives, allowing you to see the professional role of supervision and to observe and develop leadership qualities.


Raising and escalating concerns within practice learning environments 

All staff and students within the school have a clear responsibility to escalate any concerns that they have relating to practice learning environments.

Download the elective placements leaflet

Elective Placements




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