Practice placements help you to gain work experience and apply your knowledge to real-life situations.

While on your Sports Rehabilitation placement, you will have a placement educator to ensure you feel confident and supported in the workplace.  

Throughout your placement, the university placement support team liaise with your placement provider and educators to facilitate the experience  and help you get the most out of it. This includes administrational and practical support.

A tutor from the university is available to support both you as a student and your educator  acting as a link between the academic programme and placement environment. 

Our placement locations

Information for providers

Providers can find contact details, information on educator training and how best to support students on placement on the placement education webpages.

There are also useful links to other resources such as those provided by The British Association of Sport Rehabilitators (BASRaT)

Educator Courses

These courses are suited to educators who have little or no experience in supporting students on placement.

Each course consists of a pre-course workbook, then an online (Microsoft Teams) session, followed by a second session around 6 months later, after you have had experience with a student on placement.

To enquire or find out more, please email the clinical educator team or use the booking form.

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Experienced educator updates

These workshops are suitable for people that have been supervising students in practice settings for a while but need to complete an update session.

We recommend taking this workshop every 3 years to ensure you’re up to date with best practice.

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Supporting Students on Placement

To support students with their placements, you will both have access to a named university tutor.

While on placement, students will be assessed using a rubric, evaluating four areas of practice: professionalism, communication, assessment, and treatment.

For year 2 students the level 5 criteria will be used.

Year 2 assessment rubric
For year 3 students the level 6 criteria will be used.

Year 3 assessment rubric


The assessment process and marking will be completed within the student's PebblePad e-portfolio. The student will invite you to share their assessment workspace on PebblePad. You will be asked to complete the midway and final assessment form on PebblePad.

If this is the first time you’re using PebblePad through the University of Nottingham, you will need to complete the account confirmation form:

PebblePad account confirmation form


How do I raise a concern about a student or a practice placement?

The process for raising concerns about a practice placement or a student are intended to provide an effective means for identifying and dealing with concerns.

Raise a concern about a student

Raise a concern about a practice placement



Should you have any other placement queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.