Clinical experience in real settings will allow students to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. Clinical practice placements equate to 50% of the midwifery programme. Students will be supported in practice by practice assessors and supervisors and can contact university link tutors who also regularly visit the placement areas.

Where do placements take place?

Student midwives are allocated to the following Trust sites and community settings in the East Midlands:

  • Chesterfield
  • Derby 
  • Mansfield
  • Nottingham
  • Burton

'Home' and 'Away' placements

Student midwives spend the first year of the programme in their 'Away' base Trust and year two and three in their 'Home' Trust, which may be in any of the above NHS Trusts

The 'Away' Trusts will be allocated to students at the same time as the 'Home' Placements.

In the first weeks of the programme, there is a short period of time for students to potentially negotiate a direct exchange with another student who is also wishing to swap if required. Both 'home' and 'away' allocations may be exchanged.

Students will remain in their allocated 'Home' and 'Away' sites unless a special considerations application is approved.

Skills gained

During the allocated placements students will gain experience of caring for women in a variety of midwifery settings both in the hospital and in the community. Experience in non-midwifery clinical areas will also be allocated to students: gynaecology ward, theatre / surgery, and neonatal units.  Students will also undertake medical insight visits. 

Each of the hospitals provides an outstanding learning environment, with study facilities, libraries, technological teaching and learning materials.


During the placements students will be under the supervision of a variety of qualified midwife practice assessors and practice supervisors, and also work alongside the multi-professional team and other support staff.

Raising and escalating concerns within practice learning environments 

All staff and students within the school have a clear responsibility to escalate any concerns that they have relating to practice learning environments.


How do I raise a concern about a student or a practice placement?

The process for raising concerns about a practice placement or a student are intended to provide an effective means for identifying and dealing with concerns.

Raise a concern about a student

Raise a concern about a practice placement