Health services have a duty to safeguard all patients, but provide additional measures for patients who are less able to protect themselves from harm or abuse.

Our aim is to ensure that the school, working in partnership across a range of organisations promotes the highest standards of safeguarding and dignity for all who access care and services through continued excellence in research, teaching and practice learning.

The University has a number of policies and procedures which help to provide a framework for vulnerable groups. Examples are staff recruitment and health and safety or risk assessments. The safeguarding children and vulnerable adults policy summarises the University policy in relation to safeguarding. The University also has additional guidance for staff, which provides more detailed information and provides regular training.

Students and alumni who have a concern about themselves or a friend or family member and need further advice or support can use the ‘Report and Support’ system:

Report and Support

Students or clinical staff or members of the public who have a concern can alert the University about safeguarding issues via the online concerns form

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Safeguarding adults and children prompt cards

The following links are to electronic safeguarding prompt cards which have been developed by NHS Midlands and East are a useful quick reference guide.

Safeguarding considerations for researchers and research students

Regulatory and professional organisations

National and international organisations

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Faculty lead for Medicine and Health Sciences

Dr. Charley Baker

Lead for Safeguarding Health Sciences

Elisabeth O’Brien

Deputy Lead and Lead for Nursing

Kat Cheng

External Contacts

Nottinghamshire Police

  • Emergency 999
  • Non Emergency 101
  • From outside the Nottingham area 0115 9670999

NSPCC  0808 800 5000

Nottingham City Council Safeguarding Children 0115 8764800

Nottinghamshire County Council Safeguarding Children 0300 500 80 80

Womens Aid

Equation Equation, for all groups, including expert services for men