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The Selection Process 

When applying for nursing courses at the University of Nottingham, we are looking for you to demonstrate:

  • why you want to be a nurse
  • your commitment to your chosen field of nursing
  • an understanding of the demands of the role
  • academic achievements
  • a caring and committed attitude
  • teamwork, social, organisational and time-management skills
  • the skills gained from relevant work, voluntary and other experiences


Shortlisted candidates for both the BSc (Hons) Nursing and MSc-GEN Graduate Entry Nursing are invited to attend an interview.

BSc (Hons) Nursing

We run interview days on various days of the week starting from November and running into early March. All take place in the School of Health Sciences; this is adjacent to the Queen's Medical Centre, one of our major Trust partners. There is also the opportunity to be interviewed over the internet. This could be useful for candidates who live a distance from Nottingham or cannot attend a face-to-face interview. You will have the option of which you prefer. The content and structure of the interview process will be the same in both cases. We invite a number of applicants to attend each day and candidates arrive at different times during the day. This ensures that we have sufficient time for each candidate. 

Outline of the day

The day consists of:

  • an introductory talk
  • the chance to meet and talk to academic staff, current students and practice staff
  • a tour of the main School 
  • a chance to ask questions
  • the interview itself

All candidates will have an indiviudal interview with two interviewers. The interviewers will be an academic and either a present student, practice staff or one of our simulated group; representing the public. The interview will last approximately 25-30 minutes during which you will be asked a small number of fixed questions. You will be marked against fixed criteria that allow for consistent results across all interviews. The criteria examine:

  • good communication
  • an understanding of the field of nursing that you are entering
  • an ability to demonstrate care and compassion in terms of the answers you give

We are not expecting extensive nursing knowledge but you need to demonstrate you understand the general principles of nursing. We ask you to come prepared with a question that you wish to ask us during the interview. This is not graded but we hope that this helps you settle into the interview process. 

MSc-GEN Graduate Entry Nursing

The interview is an opportunity for prospective students to:

  • visit where the theoretical component of their course will be delivered
  • learn about the specifics of the GEN curriculum
  • ask questions and gain advice on the Advanced Standing portfolio requirement 

Outline of the day

You will arrive at the Queen's Medical Centre and meet the Admissions administrative staff and Admissions Tutor, before completing brief administrative processes followed by short presentations about the course and multiple mini interviews (MMI).

Depending on your appointed arrival time, you will start with either the presentations or the MMI process. You should expect the process to last for approximately 2-3 hours.

What is the Advanced Standing Portfolio?

A condition of beginning a Graduate Entry Nursing course is the demonstration of the achievement of competencies expected of a Year 1 nursing student.

This involves completing a portfolio demonstrating how you have achieved particular domains and is submitted electronically using PebblePad.

In addition to the presentations on interview day, there will be webinars to assist you if you have questions about completing your Advanced Standing portfolio prior to an Offer Holders day in May.




Interview tips for all courses

  • demonstrate that you understand the demands of the course
  • communicate clearly and effectively
  • contribute to, and engage with others in the interview situation

Applicants for the Graduate Entry in Nursing (GEN) course will also have to demonstrate the competencies of a year one nursing student. In all cases it is useful to highlight this experience or proposed experience in your personal statement.

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