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Why study Arabic?

  • Aspire the professional world speaking a high demand language

  • Raise your awareness about the 2nd largest religion in the whole world

  • Acquire language skills useful in at least 20 countries in the Arab world and beyond

  • Boost your opportunities to enjoy the cultural nuances of the unique area of the middle east

  • Impress your recruiter certifying competence and proficiency of Arabic as a foreign language

  • Communicate with more than 422 million people, over half of whom are under 25 years of age

Learning Arabic has been an enjoyable and enriching experience. Not only have I come to appreciate the beauty of this popular language but the rich cultural heritage behind it as well. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to take up the language.

Modules available

We are currently offering the following modules in Arabic:

Arabic Stage 1

Arabic Stage 1:

Complete beginners, students with little or no knowledge of the language.

Indicative topics and grammar

  • Introductions/the family/jobs/describing things and places
  • The alphabet/long and short vowels/masculine and feminine words/plurals/possessive endings/Sun letters



Arabic Stage 2

Arabic Stage 2:

Any of the following: 

  • The successful completion of Stage 1 (one year of study)
  • GCSE (A*-B) or an equivalent qualification
  • ‘AS’ level Grade C-E
  • IB Standard level 3-5, or Higher level 3. 

Indicative topics and grammar

  • Vacation/school and university/daily routine etc
  • Plural patterns/past verbs in the plural/idafa structure/negatives etc






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