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Why study Arabic?

  • Aspire the professional world speaking a high demand language

  • Raise your awareness about the 2nd largest religion in the whole world

  • Acquire language skills useful in at least 20 countries in the Arab world and beyond

  • Boostyour opportunities to enjoy the cultural nuances of the unique area of the middle east

  • Impress your recruiter certifying competence and proficiency of Arabic as a foreign language

  • Communicate with more than 422 million people, over half of whom are under 25 years of age

Learning Arabic has been an enjoyable and enriching experience. Not only have I come to appreciate the beauty of this popular language but the rich cultural heritage behind it as well. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to take up the language.

Modules available

We are currently offering the following modules in Arabic:

Arabic Stage 1 LK11AA 

This module assumes no prior knowledge of the language. It introduces the basic structure of the language through topics relating to social and everyday life in the country. Each session will consist of a variety of activities arising from the themes and structures which underpin the course programme.

Arabic 1A for Heritage Speakers LK1HSA 

This module consolidates and builds on prior knowledge of the language of ‘Arabic Heritage speakers’. The basic structure of the language is re-introduced and reinforced through topics relating to giving and requesting personal information, introducing family, hobbies and holiday. The student learns to speak, read, write and understand both written and spoken materials in the target language relating to everyday situations.

Arabic Stage 2 LK22AA 

This module assumes previous knowledge of the language at approximately GCSE standard - it is, however, recognised that the GCSE or equivalent qualification may have been taken several years ago and the courses are designed to revise and develop basic structures. The four skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing are expanded to enable participation in discussions with reasonable fluency and accuracy.

Culture of Arabic Language LK1CAL  

This module provides students with a basic insight into Arabic culture. It begins with a general introduction to Arabic as a language before exploring geographical/historical/linguistic areas around which the culture has evolved. This includes aspects of the traditional backgrounds (Pre-Islamic Arabia, the Arabic Heartland, stereotypes and myths) as well as a contemporary perspective on Arabs in the world and the cultural characteristics of Arabic. It is expected that knowledge gained through the course will encourage students to take up Arabic language modules offered by the Language Centre, for example Inter Faculty Stages 1, 2, and 3 depending on their level of language.


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