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We are currently offering the following modules in French:

  • French Stage 1 LK11FA

This module assumes no prior knowledge of the language. It introduces the basic structure of the language through topics relating to social and everyday life in the country. Each session will consist of a variety of activities arising from the themes and structures which underpin the course programme.


French Stage 2 LK22FA

 This module assumes a basic knowledge of the language at approximately GCSE standard - it is, however, recognised that the GCSE may have been taken several years ago and the courses are designed to revise and develop basic structures. The four skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing are expanded to enable participation in discussions with reasonable fluency and accuracy.

French Stage 3 LK33FA

This module develops the speaking and productive skills of language learning to enable the students to function effectively at an intermediate level. The module stresses the productive skills, particularly spoken and written ones. Teaching through the medium of the target language is the norm.

French Stage 4 LK34FA

This module develops the four skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing to enable students to gather and process information accurately and quickly through discussion, from radio and TV and from written sources. 
Classes are conducted in the Target Language and focus on contemporary topics which aim to give students an up-to-date insight into those countries where the Target Language is spoken. A review of relevant grammar is also undertaken.

French Stage 5 LK45FA

This module is principally aimed at improving the student's productive skills in the target language to approach that of a native speaker. This module will concentrate on socio-economic/socio-cultural registers of language and deal with contemporary issues of the country whose language is being studied.

French Stage 6 LK46FA

This module is designed to perfect the productive skills of the student in the target language, with greater emphasis on an individual syllabus related to the student's academic and career interests.




Module timetable: Autumn 2017-18

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Enrolment: Spring Semester 2018 

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