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Modules Available

We are currently offering the following modules in Russian:

Russian Stage 1

Russian Stage 1:

Complete beginners, students with little or no knowledge of the language.

Indicative topics and grammar

  • Introductions/family/work/daily routine/ free time/ directions/preferences
  • The alphabet/personal and possessive pronouns/present tense/ Nominative plural – gender
  • agreement/ Prepositional Case/past tense/ Instrumental case – интересоваться/ The Dative Case – нравиться


Russian Stage 2

Russian Stage 2:

Any of the following: 

  • The successful completion of Stage 1 (one year of study)
  • GCSE (A*-B) or an equivalent qualification
  • ‘AS’ level Grade C-E
  • IB Standard level 3-5, or Higher level 3. 

Indicative topics and grammar

  • Daily routine/Talking about daily life and past events/Shopping,prices,food/Comparing life in different countries/cities etc
  • Verbs conjugations and tensesовать and  евать” verbs/Time expressions
  • Revision: Past Tense/ Imperfective and perfective verbs/ Genitive plural
  • Time etc

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