Financing the transition

Our researchers explore the complex financial pressures of transitioning to a more sustainable solution, exposing both the hidden problems as well as potential solutions.  


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Arijit Mukherjee, Professor of Industrial Economics, explains how his research can help policymakers to understand the implications of different types of pollution – consumption versus production or domestic versus cross border – when determining trade policies for polluting industries.

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  1. BLOG: Global trading - the good, the bad and the essential
    This blog explores some of the flaws in our globalised food systems and the historical trading patterns upon which they are based, which have remained largely unquestioned for centuries. Food is essential but the way consumer demands have shaped our food systems through overproduction and consumption is not.
  2. PAPER: Adoption incentives and environmental policy timing
    In this paper, researchers consider the incentives of a single firm to invest in a cleaner technology under emission quotas and emission taxation, analysing the effectiveness of different incentives and policy timing in different scenarios to determine the most effective method.
  3. BLOG: Support for fracking continues to drop
    A new survey shows that public support for the extraction and use of shale gas has dropped significantly over the last year with concerns about the potential impact on the environment beginning to outweigh the possible economic benefits.
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