What is the SHAping Sustainable Futures Hub?

This new online research hub aims to demonstrate how social science research at the University of Nottingham is helping to shape a more sustainable future. 

It provides an online resource dedicated to showcasing the value of the University of Nottingham's social science research for net zero, climate change and sustainability policies, and is funded by the ESRC IAA. 




Why the social sciences?

The challenge of achieving net zero is as much a social challenge as a technical one. Innovations in energy supply or food production will only have an impact if they are adopted by Government, businesses and individuals. This requires understanding change in societies, behaviour, culture, economics, politics, international relations, supply chains and much more. 

This is where the insights offered by the social sciences play a crucial role. This type of research enables us to understand what people do and why, and how best to facilitate the necessary changes. This virtual hub has been created to enable policy and public audiences to engage with the social-science-based insights on net zero offered by the University in an open and accessible format. It creates a space in which the vital importance of this research is recognised and showcased, providing an ongoing home for impact in this area. 


Where do I go next?

This hub hosts a wide range of content from across the Faculty of Social Sciences at Nottingham. Whether you are looking to find an expert in a particular topic or field of research, search our collection of short articles and policy papers on varied issues, or explore the specific research approaches and topics covered by our research, you can access the relevant section via the links below.