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Name Job title Discipline Key research themes
Hafez Abdo Associate Professor of Accounting and Challenge Lead at the University of Nottingham Energy Institute  Business Accounting & taxation of the oil and gas industry; Energy policy; Energy security
Meghan Alexander Associate Professor in Human Geography  Geography  Climate change adaptation; Policy and governance; Social justice
Reza Beheshti Assistant Professor in International Commercial Law  Law  Supply chains; economy; Trade 
Punita Bhatt  Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Business Social innovation/entrepreneurship-business models for sustainable livelihoods in Asia; Rural innovation/entrepreneurship for sustainability; 
Simon Bishop  Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Director of the Centre for Health Innovation Leadership and Learning Business  Work, organisation, management and policy in health care;
Brendan Canavan Assistant Professor in Marketing Business Sustainable economies;Tourism; Consumer Culture; Marketing; 
Thom Davies Associate Professor  Geography   Toxic geographies; Border violence; Environmental justice; 
Bouwe Dijkstra Associate Professor  Economics Sustainable economies; Environmental economics; 
Meryem Duygun Professor of Banking and Finance Business Climate finance; 
Pauline Eadie Associate Professor  Politics and International Relations Philippines; Resilience; Social capital; Disasters; Poverty relief;
Jenny Elliott Associate Professor  Education  Education; Urban agriculture; Outdoor learning; Creativity in the classroom; 
Richard Field Associate Professor of Biogeography Geography  Biodiversity; Biodiversity theory; Biological conservation; Biodiversity credits; Biodiversity finance; 
Simon Gosling  Professor of Climate Risks & Environmental Modelling Geography Synthesising reports; Projecting global-scale impacts of future climate change on society and the natural environment; 
Reiner Grundmann Professor of Science and Technology Studies Sociology and Social Policy  Public discourse on climate change; Ethics; 
Jonathan Halls British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow Education  Education; Learning sciences; communication; 
James Heydon Assistant Professor in Criminology Sociology and Social Policy Air pollution; Environmental regulation; Environmental harm and crime; Sustainable development; Environmental justice; 
Mathew Humphrey Professor of Political Theory Politics and International Relations Political Ideology; Transport policy; Regulating powered two-wheelers (PTWs); Public attitudes to carbon capture and storage; Public attitudes to fracking for shale gas; 
Chris Ives Associate Professor and interdisciplinary sustainability scientist Geography   Mobilising faith; 
Bethany Jackson Senior Research Fellow in Modern Slavery and Sustainable Ecosystems Rights Lab  Human rights; Community engagement and motivation; Modern Slavery; Climate change; Environmental degradation; Remote sensing; Earth observation; 
Matthew Jones Professor of Quaternary Science Geography  Reconstructing past climates; Environmental variability; 
Siddharth Kara

Associate Professor of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Rights Lab  Slavery; Child labour; Public health; Environmental impacts; 
Helen Kennedy

Professor of Creative and Cultural Industries

Cultural, Media and Visual Studies   Hello Lamppost project; 
Richard Kneller

Professor of Economics 

Economics   Technological change; Green transitions; Economic policy;
Rob Lambert

Assistant Professor in Tourism & the Environment

Business   Environmental history; Tourism; Environment; Sustainability; 
Simona Mateut

Associate Professor in Financial Economics

Business   Financial economics; Innovation; 
Helen McCabe 

Associate Professor in Political Theory

Politics and International Relations   Climate change; Forced marriage; 
Sarah Metcalfe

Professor of Earth and Environmental Dynamics

Geography   Developing sustainable societies; Climate resilience; Adaptation; 
John Morris

Assistant Professor in Economic Geography

Geography   Financial geography; Central banking; Risk management; Climate and biodiversity finance; 
Simon Mosey

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Business   Responsible entrepreneurship; Innovation; 
Nick Mount

Associate Professor of Hydroinformatics

Geography  Socio-environmental approaches to slavery; River systems; 
Arijit Mukherjee

Professor of Industrial Economics

Business Sustainable economies; Industrial economics; International trade and investment; Environmental economics; 
Judy Muthuri

Professor of Sustainable Business and Development

Business  Low-carbon energy storage system
Hannah Noke

Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Business  Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Technology entrepreneurship; Technology transfer; Knowledge exchange;
Aoife Nolan

Professor of International Human Rights Law and Co-Director of the Human Rights Law Centre

Law Human rights; Law; Rights of children; Climate change law; 
Emily O'Donnell

Assistant Professor in Climate Change

 Geography  Climate change adaptation; Flood risk management; Blue-green infrastructure; Urban resilience;
Charles Ogunbode

Assistant Professor in Applied Psychology

Psychology  Public perceptions of climate change; Climate emotions; Wellbeing; Pro-environmental behaviour; Climate justice;
Niamh O'Sullivan

Assistant Professor in Sustainable Business and Business Ethics

Business  Sustainable development; CSR; Sustainability reporting; Sustainable finance; Responsible investment;
Virgina Panizzo 

Associate Professor in Environmental Change

Geography  Water quality; Water source management;
Marianthi Pappa 

Assistant Professor in Law

Law  Communities; Energy; Gender; Justice and Inequalities
Matthew Rendall

Assistant Professor 

Politics and International Relations Moral philosophy; Climate finance; 
Edgar Rodriguez Huerta

Research Fellow in Social-Ecological Systems Modelling

Rights Lab  Sustainability; Data science; Life cycle assessment; 
Franziska Schrodt

Associate Professor of Earth System Science

Geography  Machine learning; Biochemical patterns; Ecosystem structure and functioning; 
Christy Shucksmith Wesley

Associate Professor 

Law  International law; International disaster law; Disaster risk reduction; Health; Laws of armed conflict; Humanitarian Protection and assistance in conflicts and disasters
Alexa Spence

Associate Professor in the School of Psychology 

Psychology  Public perceptions of climate change and energy futures; Behaviour change; Evaluating communications; Evaluating impact of environmental experiences; 
Dalene Swanson

Professor of Education


Socio-ecological and intersectional justice; Critical Sustainability and Global Citizenship Education; Critical Development Studies; Decolonial thought; Indigeneity and Ubuntu; Critical Mathematics and STEM Education; political ecology. 

Anne Touboulic Associate Professor in Operations Management Business Food; Supply chains; Sustainable economies; Equitable supply chains, Circular economies; 
Geertje van der Heijden Associate Professor  Geography  Tropical forests; Climate change; Plant adundance; Carbon uptake and storage; Soil fertility; 
Bin Wu Senior Research Fellow in Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business Transition; Community engagement and motivation; Rural studies; Social innovation and entrepreneurship; interdisciplinary/systematic methodology; multiple stakeholder engagement;