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Jonathan Halls 

Assistant Professor in Learning Sciences, School of Education


Bio: Dr Jonathan Halls' work covers early climate change education, analysing an individual's agency related to pro-environmental behaviour, rather than teaching the science behind climate change. His current project explores the design and evaluation of educational resources, key to which is a choose-your-own-adventure book which teaches children the impacts of their actions. 

Jonathan's work is particularly relevant for education policy, as he explores why and how individuals must adapt their behaviour, and how to provide children and young people with the skills to reflect on and moderate their behaviour in the future. 


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Below is a selection of articles and resources from the Hub featuring Jonathan's research. 

Blog: Building more effective tools for environmental education

Educational resources that target children's sense of agency are key in supporting behavioural change. To combat climate change we need to understand how to design and implement these into the curriculum most effectively, argues Jonathan Halls.
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