Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy


Our entire way of living is built on using carbon-emitting finite fossil fuels to create energy. Until we can move to reliable, cost-effective and fully sustainable energy from renewable sources, it’s vital that we explore new ways of improving our current energy economy.

ETRI conducts a wide range of wind research, from improving the design and materials used to make turbine blades, through to the way wind energy is harnessed and used by the national grid.

Low-cost solar technology is ideal for generating small amounts of power, for example a single house, but not for operating a large-scale power station. Higher efficiency solar cells are needed for power station applications. ETRI physicists, as part of a major Europe-wide consortium, are currently developing new materials that will be the major components in the next generation of higher efficiency solar cells. Using a sophisticated molecular beam epitaxy machine, scientists are growing novel semiconductor materials. Their aim is to manipulate the properties of these materials and the way they’re grown, to make more efficient solar cells.

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Solar Energy 

Charge Transfer in Molecular Solar Cells

Charge transfer between a molecule and a surface or another molecule lies at the heart of a number of really important devices, in particular organic and dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC)... read more


Investigation of Electrically Active Defects in Photovoltaic Materials and Devices Using Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy: From Inorganic to Organic

Research into materials to improve solar cell efficiency is... read more


Energy Harvesting from Asphalt Pavements

Energy is available in the environment in a number of forms and in the past years it has become increasingly important to try and collect it when possible. This is because the increasing scarcity of traditional... read more


Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting (PEH)

Vibrations occur naturally in our environment and currently represent a wasted form of energy. Scientist at ETRI focuses on capturing this wasted energy and converting it into usable electrical energy... read more


Farm Systems Assessment of Bioenergy

Farm systems assessment of bioenergy research integrates with the wider biofeul research to examine the farm-level issues and potential for biomass production from UK agriculture... read more


Improved Cook Stoves

It is estimated that 2.7 billion people worldwide rely on biomass fuels to meet basic cooking and heating needs. Cooking on open fires inside homes is a major cause of respiratory disease... read more


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