Andreas Fulda

Dr Andreas Fulda

Expertise keywords: Democratisation studies; EU-China relations; Germany-China relations; citizen diplomacy and academic freedom.


Andreas is a political scientist and China scholar with a keen interest in the philosophy of science. Over the past twenty years he has developed the four research strands democratization studies, EU-China relations, citizen diplomacy and academic freedom.

Since 2002 he has extensively published in peer-reviewed academic journals:

  • Diplomacy and Statecraft
  • PS: Political Science and Politics
  • International Journal of Human Rights
  • Journal of Church and State
  • Journal of Contemporary China
  • Journal of Current Chinese Affairs
  • China: An International Journal
  • The Journal of the European Association for Chinese Studies
  • Journal of the British Association for Chinese Studies
  • Critical Asian Studies
  • International Quarterly for Asian Studies

Most recent books

Andreas’ most recent book "The Struggle for Democracy in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong" (Routledge, 2020) was praised by Elizabeth Economy, C.V. Starr senior fellow and director for Asia studies at the Council on Foreign Relations as follows: 

"Filled with rich theoretical insights and fascinating on-the-ground stories, this wonderfully-written and absorbing book tells the story of how activists in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong think and strategize-sometimes opportunistically and at other times with deliberate intent-to advance democracy in their respective societies. The result is a compelling analysis of how and why some efforts have succeeded while others have failed, and the lessons future democracy activists should take away from both."


Andreas frequently comments on current Chinese affairs. His opinion-editorials have appeared in:

  • The New Statesman
  • The Spectator
  • The Guardian
  • The Independent
  • Foreign Policy
  • The National Interest
  • The Conversation
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
  • Tagesspiegel
  • WirtschaftsWoche
  • Forschung and Lehre
  • University World News
  • Friesch Dagblad
  • Apple Daily
  • South China Morning Post
  • Hong Kong Free Press
  • CommonWealth

He provides strategic policy advice to decision-makers at the highest levels. Andreas has shared his expertise through oral and written testimony to a number of high-profile organizations, among others the UK Cabinet Office, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Foreign Affairs Committee, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hong Kong, the Special Forces Club, and the Royal Military College of Canada. 

Jonathan Sullivan

Dr Jonathan Sullivan

Expertise keywords: Taiwanese politics; elections; cross-Strait relations; UK-Taiwan 


Jonathan Sullivan has been studying Taiwan since the mid-1990s when he first visited as a language exchange student at National Chengchi University. He has accumulated more than eight years living in Taiwan and speaks fluent Mandarin. He wrote his PhD thesis [2010] on Taiwanese political party strategies and communications in presidential and local elections, based on an empirical study of several hundred campaign advertisements. His thesis was funded by the ESRC and a Dissertation Fellowship from the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for Scholarly Exchange. 

He has held a visiting position at National Taiwan University under the auspices of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs fellowship and is a Fellow of the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan at the University of Tubingen. He has participated in numerous Track 2 delegations to Taiwan and regularly briefs UK government on Taiwan related issues. 

He is the author, with Lev Nachman, of Taiwan: Contested Democracy Under Threat [London: Agenda, November 2023], and many other academic publications on Taiwan, including:

  • 'Time matters in cross-Strait relations: Tsai Ing-wen and Taiwan’s future' [The China Quarterly]
  • ‘Campaign advertising and democracy in Taiwan’ [The China Quarterly]
  • ‘Chen Shui-bian: On independence’ [The China Quarterly]
  • ‘Is Taiwan Studies in decline?’ [The China Quarterly
  • ‘Nasty or nice? Explaining positive and negative campaigning in Taiwan’ [The China Journal]
  • ‘Electronic resources in the study of elite political behavior in Taiwan’ [The China Quarterly]

Most recent books 

  • Taiwan: Contested Democracy Under Threat. Agenda, November 2023. With Lev Nachman]
  • A New Democratic Era in Taiwan: Trajectories and turning points in politics and cross-Strait relations. Routledge, 2018. With Chun-yi Lee.
Sarah Dauncey

Professor Sarah Dauncey

Expertise keywords: Identity politics; disability and welfare; gender and sexuality, pre-modern and modern Chinese speaking societies and cultures; Chinese language film, literature and life writing; late-imperial women's culture and fashion; teaching Chinese as a foreign language; distance learning.


Professor Sarah Dauncey is a China specialist with 30 years' experience in visiting and studying China and Taiwan. She joined the School of Sociology and Social Policy in 2016, having previously served as Deputy Head and Director of Teaching at the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies.

Most recent books 

Sarah Dauncey, 2020. Disability in Contemporary China: Citizenship, Identity and Culture Cambridge University Press.

Kevin Fahey

Dr Kevin Fahey

Expertise keywords: Elections, Conscription, Quantitative Methods


Kevin Fahey is an Assistant Professor in Politics in the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Nottingham, having previously worked at Swansea University and Cardiff University. He earned his PhD from Florida State University in 2017.

He is interested in applying quantitative research methods to substantive questions, and has ongoing interdisciplinary work in criminology, psychology, and public administration. His substantive research interests focus on legislative institutions, exploring in particular the effects of institutions and institutional reforms on the behaviour of political elites.

   scott pacey 3.png

Dr Scott Pacey

Expertise keywords: Interfaith dialogue, religion in Taiwan, new religious movements 


Scott completed his PhD at the Australian National University. His research focused on Taixu and other modern Buddhists in the republican period, and then later in Taiwan. Since then, Scott’s interests have expanded to include dialogue between religions, principally Buddhism and Christianity, Buddhism in the West, and new religious movements. Besides spending time at National Taiwan University and the National Central Library in Taipei during his PhD, Scott has held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and been a visiting scholar in the Department of Philosophy at Fu Jen Catholic University. Scott has taught on a range of subjects, taking a multidisciplinary approach that draws from religious studies, history and sociology.


The ‘Enchanted’ Island: Religion, Secularisation and Modernity in Taiwan

Jeremy Taylor

Professor Jeremy Taylor

Expertise keywords: History, heritage, memory


Jeremy Taylor is a professor of Modern History at the University of Nottingham and Head of the Department of History. He holds a PhD in history from the Australian National University. He works on the modern cultural, social and political history of East and Southeast Asia, and his research, on topics ranging from Diasporic film history to modern personality cults, has been supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the British Academy, the European Research Council and the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation. 

Most recent books 

Stephen Timmons

Professor Stephen Timmons

Expertise keywords: Health Services Management, Implementation Science


Stephen Timmons worked as an NHS manager before his academic career. He is interested in innovation, implementation and workforce in health care, and has worked with researchers all over the world.

Fernando Casal Bertoa

Fernando Casal Bertoa

Expertise keywords: Party systems, political parties, institutions, party regulation, money in politics, democracy promotion 


Fernando Casal Bértoa is an Associate Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom). He is co-director of REPRESENT: Research Centre for the Study of Parties and Democracy and member of the OSCE/ODIHR “Core Group of Political Party Experts”. He is also International IDEA and Westminster Foundation for Democracy collaborator as well as Venice Commission and United Nations expert. His work has been published in many journals including Journal of Politics, Perspectives on Politics, European Journal of Political Research, Sociological Methods and Research, Perspectives on Politics, and Journal of Democracy. 

He was awarded the 2017 Gordon Smith and Vincent Wright Memorial Prize, the 2017 AECPA Prize for the Best Article, the 2018 Vice-Chancellor Medal of the University of Nottingham for “exceptional achievements” and the 2022 Routledge Area Studies Impact Award. His latest monograph, winner of the 2022 AECPA Best Book Prize and runner-up for the 2022 Stein Rokkan Prize, is titled Party System Closure: Party Alliances, Government Alternative and Democracy in Europe (Oxford University Press, 2021).  

Recent books