Indulge In, a Nottingham based gourmet food delivery business, goes green by purchasing two new electric eSkutas to deliver food to hungry customers.

Indulge In wanted to reduce emissions by finding a low-carbon replacement for existing petrol-based vehicles used for food deliveries within short distances of less than one mile.

After identifying that the electric eSkuta might be a great replacement for current vehicles, Indulge In applied for an energy grant through the ‘Energy for Business’ scheme at the University of Nottingham. 

The scheme is funded through the European Regional Development Fund and delivered by the Energy Innovation and Collaboration team.

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Hamza Qureshi, Director of Indulge In, said “We were surprised at the difference going electric has made to us. There’s often a perception that going green’s an added cost that’s an inconvenience for small businesses. Innovation is at the heart of our business so we went into this trial with an open mind. Thankfully, we’ve been pleasantly surprised. Our shorter distance deliveries are more efficient, with reduced costs and a significantly reduced carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for everyone. The energy grant has been a massive help in allowing us to trial these. We now have a viable option for when we scale up. As a very small SME this would’ve otherwise been out of reach”

Hamza is hopeful that others in the food delivery market will follow his example and make the switch to electric vehicles, ideal for last mile delivery.

Colette McHugh Putman, Project Manager of the Energy Innovation and Collaboration team, commented “Working with small businesses like Hamza’s is at the heart of our project.  By assisting Indulge In with the Energy for Business grant, we have enabled them to make the step-change towards reducing their carbon foot print and becoming a more sustainable business.”



Indulge In received support from the University as part of Energy for Business. Delivered by the Energy Innovation and Collaboration team and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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