Energy systems

A real-world energy system includes many facets of the research and technologies explored in our energy themes. Resilience engineering, modelling performance and safe operation of energy systems and strategic maintenance is work we are undertaking to extend the life of existing energy infrastructures. 


We are also meeting the challenge of integration during the implementation of a new system, to ensure compatibility and optimum performance.

Our energy systems research explores these problems and uses mathematical modelling to predict how different technologies will work together in a complete system. We have worked closely with Nottingham City Council who have provided data on housing stock to create our models, which take account of factors such as weather, renewable energy sources and the role of storage and energy management.

Our collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B), is developing novel energy and power management algorithms to improve the utilisation of embedded energy storage, ensuring stable and efficient operation of the microgrid.

We look at how people interact within their environment and how human behaviour patterns impact on energy use. This work is the vital glue needed to make a complex system work seamlessly and effectively.



The academic theme lead for Energy Systems is:

Jon McKechnie
Associate Professor, Engineering
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