Smart grids

Smart grids bring together a variety of electrical energy sources and use methods of production, distribution and smart metering in order to minimise energy demand, share resources and optimise efficiency.


We are investigating integrated energy storage to allow renewable energy generating plants to behave like conventional power stations.These technologies not only overcome shortfalls in power but also help to balance inputs and outputs on the grid. Research topics include:

  • New power converter topologies for the high voltage transmissions system and the low voltage distribution system
  • Advanced control strategies for power electronic converters to ensure stability in power systems with a high penetration of power electronic converters
  • Fault detection and location strategies which meet the challenges of future grids
  • Demand side management and energy storage technologies to improve the use of domestic generation for the benefit of both customer and grid operator
  • Power dense motor drive systems for power generation, energy storage and electric transport
  • Transportation electrical systems, from more electric aircraft to racing electric motorbikes!

This work, in collaboration with industry, is helping us to explore a number of advanced technologies that will meet the requirements of future electricity grids and improve the quality of power delivered from renewable energy sources.



The academic theme lead for Smart Grids is:

Mark Sumner
Professor of Electrical Energy Systems
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