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On-site Examinations: 

  • Ensure that you bring ALL STATIONERY needed as invigilators are not permitted to provide stationery 
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Processes in place for when an exam is nearing its end

Ending the Exam - Invigilators will announce when you have fifteen minutes of the exam remaining and at the end of that fifteen minutes, they will announce the end of the exam. For students with alternative arrangements, a “15 minute” warning card will be shown. At the end of the exam, a “Stop Writing” card will be shown.

Students are expected to STOP WRITING your answers immediately when you are asked to do so. The only writing permitted after the exam has finished is to complete the front cover of your answer book or to write your ID number on any supplementary answer books.  If you continue to write this will be recorded as an Academic Misconduct and the invigilator will note this on your script. Anything written after the end of the exam will be ignored by the markers.

Question papers - You are NOT permitted to remove any exam papers from the examination room, unless this it stated on the exam rubric (front cover of the exam paper).

Leaving the room – you are expected to stay in your seat and remain silent until you are told that you can leave by the Lead Invigilator. This will be when the invigilators are happy that all papers and other materials have been collected in. Please check that you have collected all of your belongings and leave the exam room quietly as there may be exams going on in rooms nearby. At evenings and weekends please leave the building promptly after your exam.


When I'm fininshed my exam can I leave early

Students can leave an exam early, though not within the first hour or the last fifteen minutes of the exam minutes (this will differ in alternative arrangement exam rooms). If the duration of the exams is one hour or less you will not be allowed to leave until the end of the exam.

If you wish to leave the exam early, raise your hand and wait for the invigilator to come to your desk.

Do not leave your desk to take your answer book to the invigilator so that you can leave.

Do not remove your answer book from the exam or it will not be marked. 

You will not be allowed to leave the exam during the first hour or last fifteen minutes (this will differ in alternative arrangement exam rooms). If the duration of the exams is one hour or less you will not be allowed to leave until the end of the exam.


There was a disturbance/incident which affected my exam performance. What do I do

You should raise a University of Nottingham Extenuating Circumstances claim via the Student Enquiry Centre.

Information about extenuating circumstances can be found on the Extenuating Cricumstances webpages.

Raise an Extenuating Circumstances claim via the Student Enquiry Centre


I would like to provide feedback on my exam experience

We aim to ensure that all students sit their examinations safely and securely. We value student feedback and welcome comments your examination experience. If you have feedback please email the Exams Office.

NB: Please note that concerns relating to the academic content of examination papers should be reported directly to your School Examination Officer and not Exams Ops.


When will I get my results, and where do I find them

Results are published via Blue Castle 





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