This webpage highlights all the information you need to help you prepare for any online exams (e-exams). Online exams include ExamSys and Moodle remote exams.


Moodle remote exams

Your paper will be released to you via Moodle and, once completed, you will upload your submission via Moodle. We aim for information relating to your exam to be in Moodle one week before the date of the exam.   

The papers will then be made available on the Moodle module pages on the published release date and time. Please click on the clock icon; and once the clock reaches zero, your paper will appear. 

For short-timed exams (of less than three hours), an allowance of 30 minutes is included for uploading work and therefore the date/time that appears is the final submission deadline. Your work must be submitted by that deadline.   

Exams with a length of 24 hours already have the allowance for upload issues factored in. Therefore, the date/time that appears is the final submission deadline. Your work must be submitted by that deadline. 


Active working time in a 24 hour assessment window

For 24-hour exams, please note that you are not expected to work continuously during the 24-hour assessment window. 

An indication of working time to be spent on the exam should be signposted in the rubric on the front of the exam paper. This should normally be no more than 3 hours. 

Students with extensions due to support plans will be advised via email on how to approach their assessment windows and working time within them. 


ExamSys exams

ExamSys exams may be scheduled either in-person or as a remote exam.   

ExamSys exams in-person   

Ensure you know your login details and password before arriving to your exam room, so you can access the ExamSys exam.    

Remote ExamSys exams 

10 minutes have been added to the duration of the exam to account for any minor technical difficulties that you may experience – for example: Wi-Fi instabilities, screen freezing, or sudden and unexpected device updates.  Only use this time if needed and only use it for the purpose outlined. 

Please read our ExamSys guidance for further information. You can also find out how to change your accessibility options via the University of Nottingham blog


Issues with e-exam                                                                      

In the unlikely event you encounter any issues, please don’t panic. You won’t be disadvantaged by a genuine problem so long as you comply with the instructions below: 

Suspect an error in the paper

Continue answering the paper and on completion of the exam, please contact the relevant Assessment team in Student Services with details of the suspected error which will be communicated to your school/department. 

Unable to download paper or upload your answers

Please complete the Technical Assistance form to enable the Technical Support team to contact you in the event of more complicated IT issues.   

Before the exam deadline - If you continue to have issues uploading your submissions, you can send your work as an enquiry attachment.    

After the exam deadline, please keep trying to upload your answer and submit your work via the Moodle dropbox at the earliest opportunity. 

Total Internet access failure

Contact the relevant Assessment team in Student Services.



Uploading your examination answers:

Unless the exam is an ExamSys exam, submissions for e-exams are via Moodle dropboxes.