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All students

When should I register by?

You should register within two weeks of your course start date. If your course start date is 25 September 2017, registration must be completed by 6 October 2017. Students may be charged a late registration fee (£60) if they fail to register before the deadline. 

New students must complete registration within 3 weeks of their course start date at the absolute latest or they will not be permitted to join the course.

Information for international students arriving late to Nottingham is available on the Late arrivals page.



What if I do not register?
If you do not complete your registration for this academic session, your student status will not be confirmed. You will not have full access to the University's IT systems that you will need during your studies. Also your student loans will not be paid. If you have not completed your registration within the advertised time frame, a late registration fee (£60) may be charged. New students who fail to register by the absolute deadline of 3 weeks after the course start date will not be permitted to join the course.


I have problems with logging in, who should I contact?
Contact the IT Service Desk by phone: +44 (0)115 95 16677 (24 hours a day), email: or by self-service:
If you have forgotten your password, please follow this link to reset it by answering your security profile questions.


Returning students

I am a returning student, how and when can I register?

Online registration for returning students is available from the 10th August 2017. Students should log into the Portal with their University username and go to My Details channel on the Essentials tab to register.

Students about to enter the thesis pending period or already in thesis pending may register by completing the Registration in Thesis Pending form available on the Research student information webpage

If you have any specific questions regarding the registration process, email us at with your student ID number.



My course details/year of course are wrong, who should I contact?
Complete your online registration and contact a Student Services centre or the office which looks after your student record.


How long will it take to update my record once I have completed my online registration?
After completing your registration process your registration status and details will be updated in our system within 24 hours.


I cannot complete online registration as my progression to the next year has not been confirmed by the University. What should I do?
If you have assessments over the summer vacation or if you were studying away from the University last year, your progression status should be confirmed on or after 14 September 2017. Please return to the Portal to complete your online registration after that date.


I cannot register online due to outstanding fee/charges. Who should I contact?
Contact the Student Account Services team by phone: 0115 84 66119 or email:


How can I pay outstanding fee/charges?
You can pay online via the My Finances portal and you will be able to register within 48 hours of payment. You can also pay by phone on 0115 84 66119 or in person using a debit or credit card at any Student Services location and you will be able to register within 3 days. Cash payments can be made at the Cash Office, Room E123, Portland Building, University Park between 10am and 4pm from Monday to Friday.


I am a research student about to enter the thesis pending period of my studies, how do I register?
Full time students who are about to go into thesis pending are not expected to register online but have the option to register by submitting the Registration in Thesis Pending form to Student Administration. Please see the Research student information webpage for further details.


New students

I am a new student, how do I register?
New full-time students must complete two stages to finalise their registration with the University: register online through the Portal and confirm their attendance in person. New part-time students only register online through the Portal.


I am a new student, when and how do I register online?

Online registration is available from 4 September 2017 for new standard start students (course start date of 25 September 2017). For non-standard starters online registration will be available from 3 weeks before their course start date but not earlier than 10 August 2017.

You should register online by logging into the Portal with your applicant username and password (check your offer letter for details). Once in the Portal you should navigate to the Next Steps tab and then use the "start online registration" option in the My Details channel.

You can register online in a University computer room when you have arrived to Nottingham by using the .\guest login. You can download instructions on how to complete registration through a University PC.



Which Portal do I log in to?
Go to the Portal and if your username begins with either ‘pg’ or ‘ps’ select the “UK Applicants usernames starting ‘ps’ or ‘pg’” tab and then enter your username and password.

All other UK applicants should select the “All other UK applicants” tab and then log in using their applicant username and password.



I am unsure of my username and password combination.
Undergraduate UCAS Applicants log in using their UCAS applicant number as the username and their date of birth in the format ddmonyy (e.g. 09jul95) as the password.

Undergraduate Direct Applicants log in using their applicant number as their username and their date of birth in the format ddmonyy (e.g. 09jul95) as the password.

PGCE Applicants use ‘ps’ followed by their student ID number (e.g. ps1234567) as their username and their date of birth in the format ddmonyy (e.g. 09jul95) as the password.

Postgraduate Applicants use a username of their own choice which is prefixed pg_ (e.g. pg_ownchoice) as their username and a password of their own choice.

PGCHE Applicants use ‘ps’ followed by their student ID number (e.g. ps1234567) as their username and their date of birth in the format ddmonyy (e.g. 09jul95) as the password.

UNMC Pharmacy 2+2 students (entering year 3 of their course in the UK) use ‘ps’ followed by their student ID number (e.g. ps1234567) as their username and their date of birth in the format ddmonyy (e.g. 09jul95) as the password.


I don’t yet have a term time address/my term time address will be changing soon, what should I do?
You can use your current/home address for the time being but you should ensure you update your details via the Portal later by clicking on the Me tab and then opening the My Details channel.


Why does the University need to know my religion, orientation and gender?
The University has been asked to collect this data by HESA, if you do not wish to provide this information select the option “prefer not to say”.


Why do I need proof to alter some personal details on my record?
The University needs to ensure that core details are valid and will not alter them without some form of proof that they are incorrect in our systems.


What forms of evidence would I need to request a change to my details?

Amendments to names:
• Passport (for overseas students)
• Birth certificate
• Driving licence
• Bank/building society accounts
• Deed poll document
• Marriage certificate (e.g. following marriage)

Changes to nationality:
If the University does not hold details of your nationality, a drop down menu will be displayed, please select the correct option. If the nationality is showing incorrectly you should provide the following evidence:
• Passport
• Official letter

Changes of gender:
• A letter from the student

Changes of date of birth:
• Birth certificate
• Passport



Can I use a Post Office box as my home address?


What is the difference between the accommodation types?
• Own home – means a house which you personally own
• Private rented accommodation – means accommodation you rent which is not provided by the University or a third party provider (i.e. not in the list of halls)
• Parental home – living with house with parents/legal guardian
• University Owned House – these are:
o Abbey House (University Park)
o Beeston Road
o Brookside (Derby)
o College Road
o Ednaston Road
o Greenfield Road
o Highfield Road
o Lace Street
o Lenton Firs Lodge East
o Montpelier Road
o St Michael's Flats (Sutton Bonington)


When can I confirm attendance in person?
New full time students are required to confirm their attendance in person at the registration event in the Sports Centre on 25 – 26 September 2017 or in the Student Services Centres after the event. Please see the attendance confirmation webpage for further details.


What shall I bring to confirm my attendance in person?
Please bring your Student ID number (if known), passport/national identity card/birth certificate (home and EEA students), passport and visa/biometric residence permit (overseas students), evidence of meeting entry conditions (if applicable), your sponsor letter/evidence of funding (if applicable).


How do I register with the Health Centre?
All first year students are invited to attend the registration sessions in the Great Hall and Senate Chamber in the Trent Building in the first week of academic year. Please see the registration webpages for further details.



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