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Getting Started with CMS

Getting Started

Once registered to use the Contensis Content Management System, go to https://cms-uon.cloud.contensis.com to log in.

The left-hand side section of the screen is the navigator, which will enable you to view the University of Nottingham website, and the large, central section of the screen is the dashboard. When creating or editing a page, the dashboard will become the content area.

Different positions carry different permissions within Contensis, and so you are encouraged to read about our permissions and roles in order to understand what you can and cannot do with the CMS with your current status. To request the relevant permissions for you, please ask your Unit Coordinator to complete our permissions request form.

Creating and Editing

In order to create a new page;

  • click on the folder you wish to save the page under and select 'New Content'
  • you will then be asked to choose a template- choosing 'School Page' will automatically apply the appropriate template and colour scheme. After you have done this, click 'Next'
  • after you have named your page, click 'Finish'

Now that your page has been created, you will be able to edit it. In order to edit newly created or pre-existing pages, right-click a page in the left-hand navigator and select 'Edit'.

See our support pages for more information on using a CMS, which also feature useful guides on Contensis Basics and Content Editor Referencing.


The University of Nottingham maintains a consistent online identity through the branding and styling of web pages. By selecting the 'School Page' template, you are automatically applying the core University brand to your pages.

There are more steps you can take that will result in consistent presentation, and many of these steps can be found in our Contensis CMS support pages. Simple strategies such as using the toolbar to apply 'headingBackgrounds' to headings result in a more effective and readable page.

Contensis uses a WYSIWYG editor, meaning that what you see in the interface is a visually accurate depiction of what the web page will look like when live. For more information concerning design, read about WYSIWYG styles.

Mini templates

Mini templates are a simple and efficient way to create interesting page layouts. To use a mini template, click and drag a template from the shared resources folder (located in the navigator) onto your page.

Help and support

If you have any questions regarding the Contensis system, please read though our FAQs. You can also Request Support, where you will have to fill in a support sheet so that you can be provided with in-depth help that is specific to your situation.