If your unit, school, department or conference needs a new website on the university's public-facing site, the web team can set this up for you in the university's content management system (CMS).

How to request a new website or webpages

  • Contact your Faculty Head of Marketing and Communications (if you are part of a faculty) or your unit web coordinator to discuss your requirements
  • Your Faculty Head will usually raise a project request in our system, Wrike, or advise if you can raise it directly yourself
  • Our project manager will review the request
  • If we can help with your request, the relevant members of the web team will be assigned to the project and will be in touch

Research groups

You need to contact the Corporate Marketing team first. Research groups sit under the address

View an example research group site


Conferences have their own template and appear under our main Conferences page.

View an example conference site




Things to consider

  • What you want to achieve with your website and who your audience is
  • Are there any specific features you'd like for your site
  • Consider who will be populating your site after the web team creates your basic site
  • Who will edit the site going forward - you can provide a list of editors/approvers who are CMS trained - view permissions and roles for more information

Additional requirements

Consider if your site needs any of the following:

External domain name

Does your site need a URL other than These are only usually needed for sites that our collaborations between Nottingham and other organisations.

You will need to contact Digital and Technology Services (DTS) for this.


Let us know if you have any current URLs that will still need to work and we can setup redirects.

Staff listings

Do you need a staff listing on your site? If so, please contact your eStaffProfile administrator or web coordinator and ask them for your unit ID.

Your admin will need this to set up your site's staff listing. The web team are not responsible for setting up your eStaffProfile listing. eStaffProfile is a Digital and Technology Services (DTS) owned system.


Special functionality

Guidance on what special functionality can be added to your site and which are unsupported by the CMS. 

Secure area

The CMS doesn't currently support the creation of password protected secure areas. Contact Digital and Technology Services (DTS) for advise on using Workspace or SharePoint instead.

Online registration

We recommend using Microsoft forms, which all staff have access to as part of Office 365. You can embed or link to the form within your webpage.

Online store

You can also set up your event for online booking on the university's online store. Contact to get this setup. This is usually used for conferences that have a fee to attend etc.

Third party solutions

Many sites link to services such as Eventbrite for online registration. These are not supported by the web team.

Database connections

This is not currently supported by the CMS and would require further development.