To get support updating the University of Nottingham website (, there are three options:


First, check if it's the web team that can help you

If your support is about one of the following, you may need to contact someone else.

Support with my eStaff profile

Information relating to eStaff profile is currently surfaced on the website. This is managed and owned by Digital and Technology Services (DTS). 

For technical support with your eStaff Profile, please contact your school admin in the first instant or submit a support request via Digital and Technology Services (DTS) on the DTS self-service portal

For support enquiries relating to profile images, please submit a support request to the web team along with: 

  • a photo and 
  • URLs of staff listings you appear in that are currently visible on the site

In 2024, work will begin to transition data to RIS. If you have any questions relating to this, please reach out to the RIS team via email on 


A website not built by the web team

Sites created by Digital and Technology Services (DTS)

If the website was built by DTS, use their self-service portal to request support.

External websites

If you have an external website built in a different system (for example WordPress or Wix), we can't help you with problems with it. If you want ongoing support, we can help you transfer it into the university's content management system. You can start this process through a project request.

The benefits of having your website within the university content management system are:

  • professional technical and content support
  • secure and reliable hosting
  • excellent search engine optimisation by being part of the trusted domain

University blogs

We do not have access to the university blog system,

Use the Content and Creative Services request form for support to set up a new blog or to maintain an existing one.


I need support with copywriting, design, photography, social media or video

This includes uploading video to MediaSpace and YouTube.

Use the Content and Creative Services request form.

See the brand portal for advice and and good practice around copywriting, design, photography, social media, video, along with the university style guide.


I need training to use the Contensis content management system

You can book this training through the staff short courses system.

You need to have approval from your line manager and unit web coordinator before booking the training.

Use the web team support request form if you have already had training but:

  • have a question about the training
  • need training on something that wasn't covered
  • need refreshing on a particular issue

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

AEM is the new system the university website is moving to. Different teams are currently responsible for different parts of it. Use the correct form for what you want to do:

Update undergraduate prospectus page content

Web addresses that start with

Update article page content

Web addresses that start with

Upload photos and videos into AEM

Report technical issues with how AEM works




Web team support request

Use the request form and choose the web support option from the second dropdown option for:

  • updates to existing Contensis pages - if your unit web coordinator can't help you
  • updates to undergraduate prospectus pages - confirm these first with your Faculty Head of Marketing and Communications
  • Contensis user permissions
  • short URLs ( and QR codes
  • Google Analytics - simple issues such as access, a brief explanation of how things work, analysis of just one or two pages
  • UX advice and support
  • redirects from one page to another
  • key matches for the site search
  • getting a report about broken links, content problems and accessibility issues for your area of the website
  • requests to upload an image for use on your staff profile, but only if your admin support or unit web coordinator is unable to do so

If you are contacting us about web content that you are currently editing, please check-in all pages so that we can edit them if required.

Web team project request

Use the request form and choose the web project request option from the second dropdown option for:

  • creating a new website or set of pages within the website - view our guidance on requesting a new website first
  • large volumes of pages needing work
  • transferring an externally built website into the domain
  • developing new functionality for the Contensis content management system - for example, a specific type of search, new layout components etc
  • Google Analytics - for larger pieces of work, for example:
    • Do you need to discuss the future of multiple webpages based on in-depth analysis?
    • Do you want a search engine optimisation (SEO) audit of your area of the website?
    • Is your request likely to prompt an ongoing series of meetings, continued support, or detailed and considered solutions to complex issues surrounding SEO or analytics?

Complete the request form