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Boundary Road, Beeston United Reformed Church, formerly Lenton Abbey Congregational Church

Lenton Abbey Congregational Church held its first service in 1929 and the new premises in Boundary Road opened in 1933. It was situated on the boundary of the Lenton Abbey and Beeston areas of Nottingham and drew its congregation from both areas. A Sunday School was established in 1930, and from 1935 the Church was registered for the solemnization of marriages. As well as regular services, the Minister was also part-time Chaplain to the University of Nottingham. The name was changed to Boundary Road United Reformed Church in 1972, when the United Reformed Church was formed from a union of the Presbyterian Church of England and the Congregational Church in England and Wales. However, the name was fluid: documents refer to it as Boundary Road Church before that date, and as Lenton Abbey United Reformed Church as late as 1979. In 1987 a Community Centre was built onto the existing church site. Declining membership led to the Church's closure in 2010.


Records of Boundary Road United Reformed Church are unfortunately not complete. There are several runs of minutes (MS 900/M) and files of correspondence (MS 900/C) but none have complete coverage. Accounts (MS 900/A) and membership records (MS 900/R) are less well represented. There are scrapbooks and newsletters (MS 900/N) of the Church's social activities from the 1970s. These groups were informal and volunteer-led, and consequently very few records were retained by the Church. There are no registers of marriages deposited within this collection.

Given the recent date and personal information in many records, some records are subject to access restrictions. Please check the catalogue for further details.

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