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St Ann's Well Road Congregational Church, Nottingham

St Ann's Well Road Congregational Church (from CU/Z1/V/3) 

St Ann’s Well Road Congregational Church, on the corner of St Ann’s Well Road and Alfred Street in Nottingham, was established in 1870. It closed in 1970 due to the redevelopment of the St Ann's area and the congregation merged with Castle Gate Congregational Church. The church was subsequently demolished.



The following list was drawn up by Prof. Malcolm Jones of St Andrew’s-with-Castle Gate URC in September 2010. The dates refer to the dates the ministers were in post.

  • Rev. Robert Dawson (1870-1881)
  • Rev. James Bruce (1881-1883)
  • Rev. Walter J.S. Davis (1883-1888)
  • Rev. C.N. Barham (1889-1894)
  • Rev. John D. Allen (1896-1904)
  • Rev. Heber Rosier (1905-1912)
  • Rev. John Frankland (1912-1920)
  • Rev. William H. Tame (1920-1922)
  • Rev. Stanley B. Green (1923-1928)
  • Rev. Ronald K. Ross (1929-1971)



The records of St Ann's Well Road Church are found in a separate section within the Castle Gate collection (CU/Z1) and include minutes of Deacons’ Meetings, 1870-1970, lists of members, various accounts, and correspondence and papers including material relating to the decision to amalgamate with Castle Gate in 1969-1970.

There is a complete set of minutes of Sunday School Teachers’ Meetings from 1913-1970, but the collection does not contain any records of the children who attended. Printed material includes some church magazines and newsletters, orders of service, and a booklet to commemorate the church’s centenary in 1970 (CU/Z1/V/5).

The 20th-century history of St Ann’s Well Road Church was dominated by the long ministry of the Rev. Ronald K. Ross (1898-1980), who was inducted in 1929 and remained in post until the church closed in 1970. The collection contains Rev. Ross’s papers, including notes for sermons, certificates, and various printed items and newspaper cuttings collected by him. Photographs relating to Rev. Ross are in another collection (MS 466).

Photograph of Rev. R.K. Ross and the Deacons of St Ann's Well Road Congregational Church in 1954 (CU/Z1/P/1)

Photograph of Rev. R.K. Ross and the Deacons of St Ann's Well Road Congregational Church in 1954 (CU/Z1/P/1)

The collection also contains a log book recording diaries and photographs of Scout Camps, 1930-1934 (CU/Z1/X/2).

Records of the long-running church drama group, the Stanwell Players, formed in the 1940s, can be found in the St Andrew’s with Castle Gate collection (CAA/So/1), as the group continued in that church until 1991.



The Castle Gate collection at The University of Nottingham contains seven registers:

  • Baptism registers, 1921-1960 (CU/Z1/R/6-7)
  • Marriage registers, 1920-1970 (CU/Z1/R/10-14)


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