Read about some of the projects that have been supported through Energy for Business.

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Acclaim Upholstery

Acclaim Upholstery is a family run business founded in 1983 in Long Eaton, Derbyshire. They were successful in an application for our capital grant scheme and used this to update and improve their lighting to reduce energy use and cut costs.

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Accrofab was established in 1977 to produce high quality components. We provided a detailed report to evaluate the electrical energy consumption at the Derby premises and consider the potential of a solar installation to generate renewable energy in the form of electricity.

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Admicra IT Services

We conducted a feasibility study for Admicra, when they wanted to know more about reducing energy use and implementing alternative, low-energy heat sources.

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Alchemilla offers plant based fine dining and occupies six red-brick vaulted arches of a Victorian carriage house set beneath properties once owned by wealthy lace merchants. It features a living wall and a focus on vegetables and plants. We provided advice on energy usage and how energy efficiency can be improved at the premises.

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Allan Joyce Architects

We placed a postgraduate student with Allan Joyce Architects, who worked for them for 200 hours to analyse the energy performance of a range of projects and create a new tool to allow both clients and architects to improve the quality of new buildings.

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Alter Rock

Alter Rock are an indoor climbing centre situated in a converted church in Derby. We conducted a solar photovoltaic feasibility study by looking at the roof potential to generate renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Amber Ales

This Ripley based brewery make 800 litres of beer per batch up to 3 times a week. They wanted to examine energy usage throughout the brewing process. Our report gave them a detailed breakdown of energy use and enabled them to baseline and measure energy efficiency improvements.

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Arromax are fabricators of high-quality structural steelwork. They had a combination of florescent tubes and sodium highbay lighting in their production facility. Their successful application for our capital grant enabled them to upgrade to LED lighting, improving energy efficiency and the quality of light.

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ArtDocs was founded in 2010 by artist and film maker, Benjamin Wigley. The company's work spans platforms and audiences by exploring multi-layered, immersive journeys through experimental film, documentary, art and interpretation. Our detailed report explained how various renewable energy options, including a solar PV energy supply and battery for energy storage would be suitable for their art installations.

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Ashover Brewery

This brewery, located in Clay Cross, Derbyshire, produces 10 brewers barrels a week. Our report helped them to understand the energy used during the different stages of the process and provided a baseline for future energy saving initiatives.

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Award Publications

Award Publications were founded in 1972 and are based at the Old Riding School on the Welbeck Estate in Worksop.
A successful award of our grant helped this specialist publisher of books for children to replace old florescent tubes with energy efficient alternatives. We estimated that this will result in a greenhouse gas reduction of around 17.8 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

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The Bakewell Bakery

The Bakewell Bakery provides a wide range of baked goods that they prepare on site at their premises in Bakewell, Derbyshire. We conducted analysis to produce a technical report to show energy consumption of the different baking processes and provided details for various energy saving measures that would cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Basic Business Systems

A feasibility study for the installation of a solar photovoltaic system to generate renewable electricity on-site was conducted for this established IT support company. Recommendations were also made for a new boiler system, which would be more energy efficient.

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Beermats Brewing Company

This Nottinghamshire based brewery received a review of the brewery process and energy consumption to help them baseline energy use and were given advice on best practice and innovative methods for brewery energy saving.

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Belvoir Fruit Farms

Belvoir have been making fruit cordials and presses since 1984, pressing fresh fruit and infusing flowers to mix with spring water. A solar feasibility assessment was conducted and recommendations given for the use for renewable energy and the length of time for payback. Rainwater harvesting options were also explored.

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Birchover Stone

This quarrying company supplies natural architectural gritstone to the construction industry. We provided a detailed energy monitoring report with information on the energy use throughout the different processes on the site. Key energy efficiency and process improvement recommendations were made to help the company cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Black Market Brewery

This Warsop based brewery received a review of energy consumption to help them baseline energy use and were given advice on best practice and innovative methods for brewery energy saving. They also wanted to learn more about how to heat their large function room in a way that would reduce emissions and cut costs. We provided an appraisal of different heating options and advice on methods to reduce heat loss.

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Boot Beer Company

This micro-brewery produces its own beers in a six barrel brewing plant at The Boot in Repton. We installed energy monitoring equipment at the plant, to analyse the data. Our report reviewed the brewing process, assessed current energy use, looked at energy cost per unit of product and recommended best practice and innovative methods for brewery energy saving. 

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Brampton Brewery

In 2007, after an absence of more than 50 years, Brampton Brewery was revived by a small team of ale enthusiasts. We installed energy monitoring equipment at the plant, to analyse data and produced a report to review the different steps involved in the brewing process. Current energy use was assessed and recommendations made for cutting costs through best practice and innovative methods for brewery energy saving.

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The Brown Cow

This pub in Mansfield offers a range or real ales across 12 handpulls, including a selection of rotating guest ales, with two permanent Raw beers and Everards Tiger. A range of craft keg, lagers, real ciders, world bottled beer, wines and spirits is also offered. We provided an overview of the energy consumption for the site and highlighted some simple energy efficiency measures that could be implemented for energy savings. Our report will enable the Brown Cow to save energy and cut costs with the resulting reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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Bubble IT

This Beeston based IT company wanted to understand their current energy consumption to create a baseline against which future energy saving processes could be measured. Detailed findings in our report showed the breakdown of energy use across different rooms and equipment. We also provided information on best practice for data centres.

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Build Test Solutions

This innovative building performance company has a pioneering approach to fabric air permeability measurement called Pulse, developed in partnership with the University of Nottingham. We helped them to develop their new technology by sourcing housing stock in need of improved energy performance and by arranging a postgraduate placement to develop a new complementary product for the Pulse unit; a leak checker fan.

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By Our Hands We Make Our Way

This therapeutic and educational art project wanted to know if they could generate their own energy and save money while protecting the environment. We provided information on off-grid solar photovoltaics and thermoelectric design to help them in the decision making process.

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Captive Closures

Plastic injection moulding company, Captive Closures, was successful in a grant application toward the purchase of new, bespoke, injection moulding equipment that resulted in a streamlining of processes and saving of energy in the production cycle. It is estimated that new processes will result in the saving of around 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

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Carbon Legacy

We helped this renewable energy installer when they wanted a data model to give an accurate picture of the effectiveness of proposed energy systems, from both financial and environmental points of view. We organised a postgraduate placement as well as several technical meetings. The resulting battery sizing tool model can be simply utilised by staff at renewable energy installation companies.

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Castle Cavendish

Social impact company Castle Cavendish help the business community and voluntary sector to grow and develop by providing managed office space and funding expertise. After a successful award of our capital grant, they were able to upgrade lighting to an energy efficient LED system, saving an estimated 3.6 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per annum.

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Castle Rock Brewery

Castle Rock was founded in 1977 by former Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) chairman Chris Holmes, and has since grown to be an established brewery and pub group based in Nottingham. We conducted a feasibility study for the installation of solar photovoltaics (PV) to generate renewable electricity on-site and showed that the correct installation should meet energy demand, leading to a reduction in carbon emissions and savings in electricity bills.

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Cat Asylum Brewing Company

Cat Asylum is located in Collingham, Nottinghamshire and was founded in 2013. They brew 800 litres every two weeks. We provided a technical report baselining energy use and gave recommendations to enable long-term energy and resource reduction and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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CJR Midlands

This established company specialises in the surveying and design of building service projects. Projects include engineering and construction, management services, tender review, site supervision, project management and commissioning. We arranged a postgraduate placement student Sergio Runza to work on energy optimisation for several projects.

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Clarion Water

This innovative producer of chemical water sanitation products are active in research and development of environmentally friendly and energy efficient processes. They approached us with an interest in on-site production of hydrogen peroxide through electrochemical reaction, a process for water treatment that is less energy intensive and reduces the need for transportation. We conducted tests and provided a technical report to enable the company to make an informed decision about progressing their plans.

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CleanTech Business Ltd

CleanTech Business Ltd develops and delivers conferences, skill training workshops and knowledge transfer events as well as providing a platform for businesses to meet, collaborate and develop supply chain relationships. We arranged a postgraduate placement to produce mixed media information on low carbon vehicle maintenance.

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Co Fabrico

Co Fabrico have been prototyping an on-board water electrolyser unit which, it has been claimed, can be used to reduce the emissions from a diesel car and improve the fuel economy. We assessed the prototype with a focus on safe operation and produced a review on the current water electrolysis technologies including its principle, operation, configurations, main manufacturers and market opportunities.

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Community Orchard

Nottingham based Community Orchard has built an off-grid straw bale building to provide a safe, natural and exciting place for people to learn and explore. We conducted a detailed solar feasibility and load assessment for supplying power to the straw-bale building, which is used for both office work and classroom activities.




Control Fabrications

Based in Nottingham, this precision engineering company covers all stages of the design and implementation process and work with a wide range of clients, including retail, architecture, residential and railways. After a successful award of the Energy for Business capital grant, the company were able to upgrade lighting systems to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly LEDs.

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Cordtape Energy Management Systems

Since 1983, Cordtape have provided asbestos and energy management services, on behalf of clients throughout the UK. Services include asbestos analysis, surveys, removal and waste management. We arranged a postgraduate student placement to help in the development of an energy calculator software to calculate heat loss of insulated versus uninsulated pipes and valves.

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County Battery Services

County Battery Services currently collect and send over 25 tonnes of waste batteries per month to recycling. The company identified the potential to maximise efficiency and profits by sorting batteries into various categories, purchasing licenses and implementing new procedures. We arranged for a postgraduate student to investigate the advantages and disadvantages and the return on investment of making the required changes.

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Cromford Mills

Cromford Mills, in the Derbyshire Dales, is the birthplace of the modern factory system and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first successful water powered cotton spinning mill was built here in 1771 and this postgraduate student project explored how a modern wheel might provide a useful and sustainable energy source in the present day.





Cultivate work in the energy sector with large corporates, small businesses, government and academia, to help create solutions that meet the needs of others.  As well as attending several of our energy events, we arranged for a postgraduate student to work with the company to help create a sustainable transport systems game that could be used as part of the support offer to new clients.

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David Nieper

Clothing manufacturer David Nieper is totally committed to supporting the local economy and constantly looks to reduce the impact the business has on the environment. The company has a zero waste to landfill status and operates a just-in-time manufacturing policy to eliminate waste. We worked with the company to produce a report to analyse the energy and greenhouse gas emissions for manufacturing operations and made comparisons to those with manufacturing operations overseas.

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Derbyshire Distillery

This distillery wanted to move to a zero carbon product and expand the operation to include two new gin stills. We provided information about different methods of energy monitoring and resource management for the planned expansion as well as details of how to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

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The Derbyshire Winery

This small, family based company have a history of making homemade wines from all kinds of fruits and berries handpicked from around the local areas of Derbyshire. They produce a range of British Wines. We arranged for a postgraduate placement student to help investigate the potential for solid waste from the wine making process.

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Derventio Brewery

Derventio is a six-barrel cask ale brewery based in Derbyshire. We investigated the heating and cooling requirement for the water used in the brewing process and provided a report giving an overview of findings along with information about the energy consumption in each stage of the process. The analysis showed that increasing the size of the water heaters within the primary water heating area would save around 130 kg CO2e and 371.3 kWh per year.

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Dukeries Brewery

This brewery in Worksop, Nottinghamshire was considering moving from a two site operation to one site at the main brewery on Newcastle Avenue. The aim was to reduce running and energy costs. This would also make the brewery more energy efficient and lead to a reduction in overall CO2 emissions. There were concerns over electricity usage, with bills at the main site being far higher than expected and the brewery wanted to understand why this was and what would happen after a move. We conducted an investigation and analysed energy use to ensure energy efficiency at the new site.

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Eco-Filters are manufacturers of filters for the wet press concrete industry and have an extensive range of patented filters for use in the production of all types of wet pressed concrete products. After a successful grant application the company were able to upgrade to a new, energy efficient, LED lighting system.

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Ecoserve Nationwide

Ecoserve are rainwater harvesting system specialists, who also offer repair and maintenance services. They had developed a prototype of a solar PV system to power a pump for a small domestic-sized rainwater harvesting system, but needed more design input into the remote power supply design. The power supply is based upon solar photovoltaic power which is stored in a battery and then used, as required, by the pump. We investigated the full design providing a report of recommendations for the new off-grid system.

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Empirical Science

Empirical Science provides business support in the acquisition of research and development funding from european (Horizon 2020) and national (InnovateUK) programmes. With experience in instrumentation development, experimental science and computation, and numerical simulation the company wanted to develop a system to analyse whole life-cycle carbon footprints of components and processes throughout the entire manufacturing supply chains. We provided a placement student to develop a sophisticated and complex software application.

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Envirofusion design and build modern, efficient systems for cleanly converting waste to energy using an Advanced Thermal Treatment process. We provided a placement student to take the current design of the thermal chamber and model the combustion process in terms of its thermal distribution, gas, liquid and solid flows with the objective to vary design to optimise the residence time for combustion within the chamber and establish gas flows and liquid ash flows along with temperature and pressure profiles.




Escape Design and Print

This printing firm in Derby design, manufactures, prints and installs its own products. Premises are leased and the main energy consumption is from printing equipment and space heating. The company was keen to make the building as energy efficient as possible, with a resulting reduction in energy usage and CO2 emissions. We provided a report with an assessment of the current energy usage, recommendations for improved insulation, potential of using solar photovoltaic panels and suggestions for alternative heat sources for large spaces.

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Evolve Growing Solutions

Evolve Growing Solutions operates in the field of horticulture and food industry proposing sustainable and innovative solutions and applying disruptive technologies. This student placement project focused on the development of a novel cooling system for greenhouse buildings, called the liquid roof. The concept of fluid roof it is a simple but clever idea to flow water between the two layers of a composite roof made of transparent material.

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Far Composites Logo


Far-UK is an innovative company offering a revolutionary approach to the design and manufacture of lightweight structural composite components. Based in Nottingham, the company brings together expertise from engineering, manufacturing and materials to create a design team with future manufacturing capabilities. We arranged for a student to work with the company and help to develop a coating materials to be used as part of an energy storage device.

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Gee-Tee Signs

This signage company has been in continuous business for 35 years, operating from a 30,000sqft facility in Nottingham. They provide a service covering every aspect of design, manufacturing and installation. After a successful application for the Energy for Business grant a project was completed to replace existing inefficient lighting with a new LED system, saving energy and cutting costs.

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Giltbrook Workwear

Specialist work wear laundry Giltbrook use advanced equipment and specially developed technology to enable them to conserve both energy and water. We conducted a detailed solar feasibility assessment that helped justify the installation of a 50 kWp array of 180 roof-mounted solar photovoltaic panels. A postgraduate student was placed with the company to assess the feasibility of waste water heat recovery, solar photovoltaics and solar thermal systems, energy-efficient lighting and alternative fuel options for their vehicles.




Global Solutions for Clothing

This family business was established in the 1940’s as Stevex Productions Ltd, located in the famous Nottingham Lace Market, manufacturing ladies and children's underwear, nightwear and babywear supplying the UK wholesale market. The business now has a well established and reliable supply chain including ISO9001 registered and socially and ethically audited factories. After a successful application for the Energy for Business capital grant scheme, lighting was upgraded to energy efficient and cost effective LEDs.

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Goodman Metal Works

Goodman Metal Works is a full-Service metal fabrication company serving customers requiring large and complex structures. Working in ferrous and non-ferrous metal services include design, cutting and fabrication through to paint, assembly, test and certification. After a successful grant award from the Energy for Business capital grant, lighting was replaced with an energy efficient and cost effective LED system.

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Great British Outdoor Fires

The company make bespoke outdoor fire pits and wanted to identify suitable low-carbon fuel solutions. We provided an appraisal of different fuels, looking at issues around safety, the environment, usability and efficiency. Information was provided on the carbon lifecycle of each product, both in relation to each other and to burning wood.

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GSD Architecture

A multi-award winning architect with some 11 years post Part III experience, Gil is a highly experienced specialist in low energy, ecological design for both retrofit and new-build projects. He attended events focused on new building technologies and best practice and we arranged a number of air pressure tests for recently retrofitted buildings.





H2D2O have been developing a novel membraneless water electrolysis system using carbon nanotubes with the aim to reduce the cost of electrolytic hydrogen (H2) generation from water and tackle the operational issues related to membrane usage in electrolysers. Our report gave the company information about the proposed electrolyser system, research challenges and opportunities for research collaborations.




Handa Fine Chemicals

The company imports and exports aromatic chemicals, botanical extracts and essential oils and was keen to reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions. There was already a 4 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed on the roof with heating of space and water accounting for the majority of energy costs. We provided information on the monitoring and measuring of on-site PV electricity usage, options for renewable heating (especially the ground source heat pump system) and insulation solutions for the office.

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H.I. Quality Steel Castings

H.I. Quality Steel Castings produces high integrity castings that are exported worldwide for use in the most demanding industrial applications. Very close metallurgical controls are in place to ensure that  chemical and mechanical properties meet with customers' requirements. After a successful application for the Energy for Business capital grant, the company was able to upgrade to a cost effective and energy efficient LED lighting system.

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Hockerton Housing Project

This exemplar sustainable building development provides a unique ‘real-life’ experience of living sustainably. The project features earth-sheltered homes built with high thermal mass and high levels of insulation to eliminate the need for heating systems. Residents of the five houses generate their own clean energy to meet their remaining energy needs. A student placement through Energy for Business helped to develop a simple solar hot water system control device to control a simple immersion heater powered by low cost solar photovoltaic panels.

Visit the Hockerton Housing Project




Hodkin and Jones

Fine architectural plaster mouldings company Herbert Hodkin were established in 1868 and design and manufacture fibrous plaster mouldings, glass reinforced gypsum and glass reinforced polyester architectural mouldings.  The company wanted to optimise energy use and we visited them to conduct energy logging, providing a report of suggestions to improve the design of the drying kiln and improve processes.

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Howard Town Brewery

The brewery had recently expanded operations into the property next door but one. They were now interested in converting the building that was used for the old brewery operation into a tap house and bar and wanted to make sure they did this in an energy efficient way. We investigated simple energy efficiency measures for heating the tap house and bar and provided a report to help the brewery take the next steps.

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Indulge In

Food delivery company Indulge In wanted to reduce emissions by finding a low-carbon replacement for existing petrol-based vehicles used for deliveries within less than one mile. After identifying that the electric eSkuta might be a great replacement for current vehicles, Indulge In applied for an energy grant through the ‘Energy for Business’ scheme at the University of Nottingham and purchased two new vehicles after an award of the grant.




Inverter Drive Systems

The company specialise in the application of inverter technology to save large amounts of energy in industrial plants and commercial buildings, and our extensive experience enables us to offer innovative inverter control solutions. We investigated the energy consumed per degree cooling for different control algorithms.

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Jackson Keay

Jackson Keay offer cylinder and drum solutions with an online order tracking and certificate download system via JK-Connect. Services include testing, shot blasting, painting, filling, packaging and transport. They approached us when they wanted to upgrade lighting systems to make them more efficient and cost effective. After a successful grant application a new LED lighting system was installed.

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Jo Fairfax Studio

Jo Fairfax Studio create interactive art installations, specialising in lighting sculpture. They have recently won a commission for producing a pedal powered art installation to be installed at Cromford Mill, Derbyshire. This installation will include a pedal powered water pumping system and water powered writing machine. Jo contacted the Energy innovation and Collaboration team and we helped with low-carbon interactive power supply systems for this installation.

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K&M Hauliers

The company provide warehousing, storage and commercial vehicle services and have over 70,000 square feet of warehousing space. They approached us when they wanted to upgrade lighting systems to make them more efficient and cost effective. After a successful grant application a new LED lighting system was installed.

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Land Quality Management

This specialist environmental consultancy has an international reputation for assessing and managing the risks posed by contaminants in soil. Increasingly this is being done within a context of sustainable development and specifically sustainable brownfield regeneration.We provided LQM with a report on different hydrogen storage and fuel cell systems to enable them to offer a feasibility assessment of such systems to their clients as part of their Data4Sustain web-GIS based decision-support tool.

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Laser Expertise

Laser Expertise are one of the leading laser cutting companies and provide metal cutting and fabrication services in the Nottinghamshire region. We provided the company with a grant to upgrade lighting to an LED system, saving an estimated 28 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

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Lincoln Green Brewery

The brewery were interested in overall energy savings and also keen to find out about the feasibility of utilising  spent grain as part of an anaerobic digestion system. We reviewed and provided a report on energy usage and organised a student placement to analyse the brewing waste and explore options for anaerobic digestion.

Visit Lincoln Green Brewery





Lindhurst had developed H2AD to purify organic waste produced at source by many industries whilst creating biogas for green energy. We arranged for a student to work with the company to develop a biogas purification device. The project included creating a small scale biogas scrubber to remove undesirable gases and burn liquid cleanly.

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Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet Products Limited are a paint and surface treatment supply business. They are developing the use of photocatalytic materials for treating paint surfaces to cleaning air. We provided a surface analysis on the samples provided using a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) equipped with an energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX).  This resulted in a report with information about surface characteristics with SEM images of the samples.

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Matthew Montague Architects

This creative friendly architectural practice has a core team of skilled design and technical professionals delivering projects throughout the UK. Founded in 1998, the company aims to deliver quality buildings, designed with real understanding, expertise and creativity. We arranged for a postgraduate student, part funded by the Energy for Business Project to undertake an energy modelling exercise on a current project to improve the energy performance of the chosen building using a range of software.

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Mineral Products Qualifications Council

The Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC) is a not for profit organisation whose members are derived from the quarrying, mineral products and mining sector. We conducted a feasibility study for the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system to generate renewable electricity on-site, with two different options considered for the PV installation, one to optimise output using east and west facing roof areas and two to maximise the available roof area using the west facing roof. The report showed the efficiency and payback period of both options.

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MiRiCal Emblems

MiRiCal Emblems Ltd manufactures a wide range of garment decoration products, almost exclusively for heat seal application by garment suppliers. These are complemented by a number products and heat-seal equipment specifically designed to aid application to the wide variety of fabrics used in the manufacture of work wear, safety wear and sportswear. The company were successful in an application for our capital grant scheme, which enabled them to upgrade lighting to more energy efficient and cost effective LEDs.

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Mr Frost and the Hungry Sheep

Mr Frost and the Hungry Sheep is a café/restaurant in Creswell, Derbyshire. We provided a report with an overview of the energy consumption and highlighted several energy efficiency measures that could be implemented for energy savings. The main aim was to provide long-term energy reduction and hence reduced greenhouse gas emissions.




Muirhouse Brewery

This small brewery is located in Ilkeston, Derbyshire and was founded in 2012. The site uses both electricity and gas bottles, with a number of heaters, pumps and chillers used throughout the brewing process. We reviewed energy usage at the various stages of the brewing process and provided options for reducing energy with indicative costs. The report provided the brewery with ideas of how to increase batch production with more efficient system which would have a lower energy per unit output and cost.

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Specialise in electroless nickel plating, diffused nickel plating, copper plating, shot blasting and heat treatment processes. Electroless nickel coatings have many properties, with the metal layer deposited by the electroless nickel plating process giving an even thickness over all surfaces of the component, virtually regardless of its shape. This uniform coating is the perfect solution for critical high-end engineering items such as those used in the defence, healthcare, automotive and aerospace industries Our report provided a review of site energy consumption and investigated one process line in detail, comparing several different energy saving techniques.

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This low-carbon equipment specialist is dedicated to improving the efficiency of heating and power systems. Based in Nottingham, UK, the company specialise in providing a service to commercial premises. Nosdivad attended a two-day workshop organised by the Energy Innovation and Collaboration team and aimed at exploring the latest developments in renewable energy that we organised for regional businesses.

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Nottingham Hackspace

Nottingham Hackspace is a member-funded, member-led, and volunteer-driven workshop, studio and co-working space for the East Midlands, located close to the centre of Nottingham. It’s a place for makers and creatives to meet, learn, swap skills, and work on projects. The group were developing an innovative open-source lighting controller for accurate zone control of LED lights within a new area and wanted to see potential energy savings from implementing this system. We provided an electrical energy audit to benchmark current energy use and examined the lighting control unit algorithm to see how many lights it would turn on per person. This information is vital to calculate energy savings.

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Peak Liquid Packaging

This packaging company has been established for over 25 years and produces high quality liners and fitments used in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs  – traditionally known as pallecons) for the bulk storage and transportation of liquid products. In-house testing is carried out to ensure the contact between the product and the liner and fitment is hygienic, eliminating the risk of leaks and contamination. After a successful grant application the existing lighting systems were replaced with energy efficient and cost effective LEDs.

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Plant Zone

Plant Zone Limited is located in Staveley, Derbyshire and provide landscaping services including interior landscaping and office plants for architects, interior designers, the commercial sector and Government. The Energy Innovation and Collaboration team performed a feasibility study for the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system to generate renewable electricity on-site. In this report both southwest and northeast facing roofs are considered for the PV installation and key findings were provided in a report.




Priors Well Brewery

Priors Well Brewery is located in Mansfield Woodhouse and brews a range of 11 different beers, brewing one batch per week. The site is open to the public for two days a week, enabling visitors to sample the beers. They also have a small bottling plant. We provided a report to review the energy in the various stages of the brewing process and gave options for reducing energy requirements along with indicative costs. This will help the brewery to monitor and review the energy used in their brewing process.

Priors Well Brewery





Qualitrain is a matrix-accredited training company on the Skills Funding Agency’s Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoAPT). The business is based in Derby, but delivers training across the UK, working with both SMEs and large industrial companies. We analysed the current heating system within the premises, recording temperature data in a number of rooms and taking thermal images both inside and outside of the building. Our report also provided recommendations for energy efficiency measures to help reduce energy costs and corresponding carbon emissions.

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Quality New Builds

This small building company specialises in high quality residential developments with added value features and excellent energy performance. Services include the development of new build properties, including the ground work, construction,  carpentry, electrical installations, plumbing and landscaping. We provided guidance  on the feasibility of installation of a solar photovoltaic systems that would provide renewable electricity, along with recommendations about how to proceed and what energy and CO2 savings would result from retrofit activity.

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Proodle Solutions

Shrenik Paras Parmar used his experience as an international student as the starting point to establish this application development company, based on Innovation Park in Nottingham. We arranged for postgraduate student Charlie Day to work with Proodle in the development of the new mobile application to help prospective students and reduce the need for travel, helping to address carbon management goals.




Reality Brewing

This small craft brewery based in Beeston, Nottinghamshire asked us to review their energy usage. Our report covered the main stages of the brewing process and energy usage and provided a review of the process and energy used, estimated energy cost per unit. We also highlighted areas for energy reduction and process improvement.





Rototek was formed in 1993 with a custom built state of the art rotational moulding machine surpassing many that were available commercially. The company established itself as a high quality trade rotational moulder. We investigated potential energy savings from utilising waste heat from a rotational moulding process by looking at three older rotational moulding machines, with waste heat captured from the cooling process and used to preheat the air into the gas-fired oven burner used for the heating process. Our calculations showed that around 13.5 tonnes of CO2e could be saved per annum per machine.

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Salador produce an automatic cake and foodstuff cutting machine that aims to reduce wastage, labour time and hot-water requirements from cake cutting. They came to us when they wanted to undertake mechanical testing of the cutter machine with the aim of understanding the mechanical strength required to cut through a range of ‘difficult to cut’ products like hard crust pizza, harder cakes and pies. We conducted tests to measure the mechanical force and electrical power and the energy required for a range of different samples.

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Salon Corina

Salon Corina offers specialised skin treatments for a range of challenging skin types and conditions.  The company already has an energy saving ethos, for example equipment is turned off and not left on standby, a sun water heater is used to produce hot water and an array of 11 year old solar panels provide renewable energy. The company wanted to know if there was anything else they could do to improve energy efficiency. We provided a technical report to show the different options with details on wind generation, improved solar panels and water collection from the building extension.

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School Energy Efficiency

School Energy Efficiency provide expertise and bespoke information to schools and community organisations to help them understand how they use their energy and how through behaviour change, improved control and appropriate technology will lead to more efficient use. We provided a student placement to support the company in producing a renewable energy feasibility study for Peak Park School (outside of Chesterfield, Derbyshire).

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Secure Socialising

Secure Socialising has developed a unique way of securing personal belongings in entertainment venues, with part of the offer being the ability to charge laptops and mobile phone while they are being securely stored. Due to the power consumed by a laptop during charging and the uncertainty of the number of devices being charged at any one time the company wanted to understand more about how to monitor the state of charge of devices and how to share the supply to those with the lowest charge level. We arranged for a postgraduate placement student to support in the development of the technology.

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Shipstone's Beer Company

Shipstone’s beers are brewed at the Little Star Brewery, a 12 barrel micro brewery in Old Basford. Linked to the brewery is the brewery tap The Fox & Crown where you can sample a range of beers. This pub was once a Shipstone’s Pub so has a real connection to the place and to the area putting the soul back into Shipstone’s. We created a baseline of energy and resource usage with a view to long-term per-unit energy and resource reduction and hence reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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Sunshine Pizza Oven

Sunshine Pizza Oven operate a number of wood-fired mobile pizza ovens at various events in the Peak District area. They are based in Bamford, Derbyshire. At present they have three mobile ovens and two vehicles. We analysed the cooling energy requirements and potential of using a solar photovoltaic off-grid power supply system. The various methods of cooling were highlighted and the main components of the system introduced, along with example components and a wiring diagram.

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Sustainable Water

This social enterprise has developed a solar water pump that can be used instead of of conventional hand or diesel pumps, which need regular maintenance. These pumps can secure a water supply for 25 years and contribute towards solving the water crisis. We analysed technical requirements for a remote water-pump monitoring unit with a focus on low-cost, off-the-shelf components with global data connectivity. The report includes a review of the main specifications and requirements, including a block diagram of the system and an overview of suitable options.

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Swiftool Precision Engineering

Swiftool Precision Engineering supplies safety critical parts to the nuclear, petrochemical and aerospace markets. The Energy Innovation and Collaboration team conducted a basic feasibility study for the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system to generate renewable electricity on-site and provided a report with technical details for both southeast and northwest facing roofs.

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T4 Sustainability

T4 has extensive experience of designing and installing systems which combine biomass, solar and heat-pumps. A company objective is to increase the sustainability of communities by offering expert impartial advice, and installing sustainable technologies which are appropriate, affordable, and provide the best possible performance and longevity. T4 were successful in an application for the Energy for Business capital grant which enabled them to purchase an electric vehicle to add to the fleet.

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Thornbridge Brewery

A state of the art brewery at Riverside, Bakewell allows Thornbridge to develop their range of beers, with brewing taking place on original kit at Thornbridge Hall, for bespoke Hall brews. We conducted an energy review and gave energy saving recommendations and also arranged for a postgraduate placement student to explore opportunities for yeast valorisation. This should lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and improve the environmental sustainability of the company, as well as reducing costs.

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Totally Brewed

This Nottingham based craft brewery was founded in 2014 and has won numerous awards for it beers. We analysed energy used in the brewing process to create a baseline and provided a report of energy and resource usage to enable the company to  improve processes, cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.





Turentek are a specialist architectural Ironmongers in the East Midlands, who supply the building and construction trade with door controls, locking devices, designer door furniture and escape hardware. The company were successful in an application for our capital grant for energy and low-carbon projects and were able to upgrade lighting to more energy efficient and cost-effective LEDs.




UK Waste Services

UK Waste Services has been operating since 2003 and sources sustainable and cost-effective solutions for all waste streams looking at the full life-cycle of the waste. The company guarantee that all waste streams are disposed of or treated with the minimum impact to the environment. We tested a prototype electrical “energy amplification” device called “Quorra” to measure power input and power output under no-load and loaded conditions.

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V3 Power

V3 Power was established in 2006 and is based in Nottingham. The company is formed of engineers and science educators and promotes DIY sustainable energy technologies through practical education and building, installing and maintaining sustainable energy systems. We arranged for a masters project to design a control system for a wind turbine.

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Vine Community Centre

This community centre serves one of the most disadvantaged areas in Nottingham and has a large main hall and an upper room which can be rented for events, alongside a number of smaller rooms which are rented out to a variety of businesses and groups. We analysed energy use and recommended energy efficiency measures and provided a feasibility assessment for a solar PV system for the roof of the building.

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Weather Logistics

Weather Logistics provides a seasonal weather prediction application for growers and provide data on the likelihood of temperature changes from 2-15 weeks ahead. Therefore increased demand for energy can be predicted and frost days (in terms of farming) can be anticipated. We conducted a market analysis report detailing the relative position of the product and looked at the cost-benefit to potential customer sectors.

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WEGO Couriers

By working with us, WEGO were able to submit an application for a capital grant from the Energy for Business fund available for low-carbon and energy saving projects. The grant application was successful and resulted in the purchase of a BMW i3 extended range electric vehicle. This has supported a business plan that includes clean growth and expansion to service more cities in the UK.




Welbeck Abbey Brewery

This craft micro-brewery based on the Welbeck estate in Worksop, was founded in 2011 and produces a range of different ales and porters, supplied in bottles, casks, kegs and mini-kegs. They produce around 15,000 pints of beer every week. We analysed energy and resource uses in stages of the brewing process and provided a report of recommendations to enable the company to reduce the environmental impact of their brewing process.




Westville Insulation

Westville were interested in developing a tool to identify areas with a population who are either suffering from fuel poverty or at a high risk of fuel poverty to enable targeting of the retrofit insulation. We arranged for Victor Carneiro Catrib, an MSc student studying Sustainable Building Technology, to research and create a database of property construction types across all the wards within the City of Nottingham boundary to create the new tool.




Your IT

This IT company is located in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire was founded in 2007 and provides support to a range of companies. They were interested in swapping to low-carbon processes and carbon neutral energy generation.  We analysed energy consumption a performed a feasibility study for the installation of solar photovoltaics to generate renewable energy.

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