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Information to help you with your online assessment is available to access from this page, including alternative arrangements, online policy, exam paper management, dictionaries and calculator guidance and religous observance. 


If you have an ExamSys examination, please read the guidance document here

Essential guidance on academic integrity in e-exams

Short timed exams (STE)

These are exams of 1,2 or 3 hours. Other short durations are also permitted for ExamSys (previously called Rogo) exams.

For non ExamSys STEs, an additional 30 minutes will be added to the paper length to cover IT issues and upload time. This will be factored into the overall exam duration in Moodle. The is not extra writing time and is there to allow for technical issues - Late submissions will not be accepted.

This will not apply to ExamSys but there will be an additional 10 minutes built into ExamSys to allow for any IT issues.


Assessment window versus active working time in 24 hour exams       

For 24 hour exams, students should be clearly informed that they are not expected to work continuously during the 24-hour assessment window.

An indication of active working time (an appropriate number of hours for students to spend on these exams) should be signposted in the rubric on the front of the exam paper: this should not normally be more than 3 hours.

Students with extensions due to support plans should also be advised how to approach their assessment windows and active working time within them.


Suspect an error on the examination paper

Once the paper has been released, module convenors are not permitted to answer any questions from students about the paper.

Any corrective actions in the event of a question error will be considered during the marking and moderation period.

Students should note on their answers any  assumption they have made if anything is ambiguous on the paper.


Release of examination paper

Unless you are told differently by your module convenor, all exam papers will be released on the relevant Moodle module page at the time indicated on your exam timetable.


Uploading your examination answers

Unless the exam is an ExamSys exam, submissions for e-exams are via Moodle dropboxes.





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