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Student Finance applications where course includes Year 0

Important information for continuing students whose course includes a Year 0

When applying for your funding through Student Finance using the online application your personal and course details will be pre-populated using information taken from the previous years application.

You need to carefully check this before clicking on the 'submit' button.

If your course includes Year 0 (Foundation, Preliminary, Gateway Year) then you should CONTINUE to use the course code that includes this year when applying for your Student Finance, except in certain circumstances as outlined below*.

The University may have internally 'transferred' you onto a different course and course code but, for funding application purposes, you should continue to use the original course code*.


Sarah starts University on a Science with a Foundation Year: code CFG0

After successfully completing the year she moves onto Biology: code C100

The change of course code is for University internal purposes only and this should NOT* be advised to Student Finance. Sarah should continue to apply for funding using the original course code CFG0.

The reason for this is due to the way Student Finance calculate the years of funding you are entitled to. Changing the course code may affect your funding in future years.

Here is a screenshot of the relevant page - (please note this is from an application demo)

SFE-application demo screenshot
Application screenshot 

 If the course details are correct, including the Year 0, then click Continue. Only 'change this answer' if you have actually changed course (eg from Science with a Foundation Year to History) or have changed to a Bachelors from a Masters - see below*

*When to advise Student Finance of the change of course code

You should advise Student Finance of the new course code if you change from the 5 year Masters course including a Foundation Year, to a 4 year Bachelors course including a Foundation Year. Please then amend the course code so that Student Finance can calculate the correct number of years you are entitled to funding.

Please contact us if you are unsure which course code you should be using. 


If you have any questions about applying for your funding please contact the Funding & Financial Support Team



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