The Energy for Business project supported a wide range of businesses on low-carbon and energy innovation projects. Here are some examples:

Expert Unleashed

Expert Unleashed

Support for off-grid expansion

Inside the Hallmark warehouse


Exploring the environmental impact of packaging

IT and communications at work

Mason Infotech

Meeting ambitious environmental goals

Birkin building


Keeping creative space sustainable

Cromford Mills

Cromford Mills

Hydroelectric power may return to historic mill

Totally Brewed

Totally Brewed

Craft brewery on a mission to use less energy per pint

Hamza Qureshi

Indulge In

Food business goes green

Community Orchard case study

Community Orchard

New sustainable energy for community project

WEGO electric vehicle

WEGO Couriers

Low-carbon courier extend their range and reduce emissions

Shrenik Paras Parmar

Proodle Solutions

New mobile app will help universities reduce carbon footprint

Solar panels

Giltbrook Workwear

Workwear company add solar to renewable energy already implemented

Sean Stevenson and Victor Catrib

Westville Insulation

New tool enables the most vulnerable to maximise energy savings



Visit the case study summaries page to find out more about the companies we supported.