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Here's where you can catch up with our webinars. They feature alumni from a wide range of sectors, but all with a shared aim of helping you improve your career prospects.

Whether you want to improve your networking, become more resilient or just simply want to find some inspiration – there's something here for everyone. Don't forget to check our events page to see our upcoming webinars and virtual activities too.

Webinars on-demand

Connected We Thrive

How to bounce back and finish strong

Our panel of alumni speakers - Bailey Taberham, Adam Jacobs and Yinka Adegbenle - share their stories about how they found their way through difficult situations and setbacks.

Connected We Thrive

How to turn obstacles into opportunities

Mark Evans shares his top tips on how to navigate uncertain job markets and continue moving your career forwards during changing times.



Connected We Thrive

How to keep going when the going gets tough

Max Thorpe shares lessons he learned the hard way in the toughest race on earth and his journey exploring and building resilience.

Connected We Thrive

How to turn epic fails into epic success

Chris Brownridge shares the lessons he has learned from his entrepreneurial journey.



Connected We Thrive

How to develop flexible plans in a changing world

Eva Feng shares her tips to help you develop flexible and agile strategies to make decisions able to withstand whatever happens next.

Connected We Thrive

How to become a person of influence

Michael Olatokun shares his tips on the right way to grab the attention of key decision makers and galvanise support to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.



Connected We Thrive

How to get your networks working for you

Kike Oniwinde shares her top tips for how to start and grow your network in a digital world.



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