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Care and Support of Under 18s and the University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham policy

The university aims to provide a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults to participate in all activities at the university. 

Although the university's main concern is with the education and care of adults, occasionally a student may join the university who is not yet 18, but no younger than 17. In all cases, the university believes individuals have a right to learn and develop within a safe environment and all staff, students and volunteers accept that welfare of the child or vulnerable adult is paramount. 

Please view our safeguarding policy on how we care for under-18s and report concerns relating to the safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults.

For any further information please check the university website on Under 18 guidance.

Please read this information on staying safe and responsible.



Before they arrive, any student who is under 18 receives a consent form asking parents to agree to the policy and conditions for accepting under-18s.

In addition, we ask students to agree to the Code of Discipline for Students, which explains how we expect students to behave and provides guidance and advice.

Before the course begins, CELE staff explain and discuss these expectations with students as part of their induction.


Under 18s at CELE

At CELE we aim to provide the best educational experience for students coming to the University of Nottingham.

To do this our Student Service teams (such as Designated Safeguarding Lead and Support and Wellbeing team) are on hand to provide advice and support, if required.

Please note that outside of classes, the nominated legal guardian is responsible for the welfare of the under 18.

Please read this guidance for under 18s.

If any university accommodation is required please visit the accommodation website.





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