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Use our FAQ area as your first port of call for support. Search for a keyword and you'll be displayed with relevant results. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please ask your question and we'll add it to our database.


If you are an approver you should receive email notifications advising of items awaiting approval (unless you have opted out of notifications). To check this:

  1. select the User Profile icon from the top toolbar in Contensis

    Even if you opt out of notifications, you can check for content awaiting approval by clicking on the Approval icon
  2. Click on Approve/Decline for the selected page and from here you can preview, approve, decline and more.

Find out who your unit coordinator is, they may be able to approve work for you. Failing this, contact the Staff IT Helpline.


It is possible to email a link to an edited page in an email. Once your changes are saved, click 'Preview', then copy the URL address of this preview into your email. This will allow the recipient to look at your draft and feedback before you submit it for approval.

Note: pages on the test server (eg http://cmswip01).nottingham.ac.uk/ can not be viewed off-campus.


You can normally expect your work to be live between 10 minutes and two hours. Changes to the Navigation may take longer.


When your work is submitted, it is subject to a process of approval, which will check the page to ensure that it meets the guidelines set out by The University of Nottingham before it goes live.

Please compare your pages against our quality checklist before submitting your content for approval.


The main focus of the quality check is to ensure that the page conforms to the University's Brand Guidelines. It will also look for best practice and user friendliness, as per the Web Style Manual (pdf).

Guy Berresford, will email you a list of actions and suggestions to complete to ensure your website follows best practice guidelines.

Please work through our quality checklist before submitting your website for a quality check.

Please allow 10 days from submitting your site for a quality check for it to be published to the live website.


You will have to revoke the page from being submitted for approval before you can make further changes.


The time for approval depends on your approver. If you need a page urgently approving, we suggest contacting your approver or web coordinator directly.


It's possible to schedule a page (or document) to publish on a date in the future (perfect if your work needs to go live over the weekend or at midnight). This only works on authorised pages. Here's what you do:

  1. In edit mode of your page, select the properties tab
  2. Tick the "Set new Release" checkbox
  3. Use the calendar to select the date you want the page to go live
  4. Select the time you want the page to go live
  5. Save
  6. Submit and Approve (or submit to your approver)

Note: Your page will be sent to the publishing queue at your scheduled date/time. It will not publish at this exact time. If therefore, you know there will be lots of other pages in the queue, it's worth scheduling your page to go live slightly earlier. 


To enable or disable Contensis notifications:

  1. access your user profile (via the top toolbar near the Contensis icon)
  2. ensure you have provided a valid email address (under the Contact section)
  3. check/uncheck the Opt out of CMS Workflow Notifications option (under the Account section)
  4. save
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