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Advanced Manufacturing Technology

AMT conducts research at the forefront of manufacturing science and technology working in close cooperation with a number of strategic industrial partners and research centres worldwide. 

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Advanced Materials

AMRG is building a dynamic, interactive community in materials research to advance technical excellence through collaborative, innovative research in science and engineering.

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Architecture, Culture and Tectonics

ACT focuses on architectural humanities, culture, design and tectonics.


Buildings, Energy and Environment

BEE aims to inform the sustainable practice of architecture and engineering, in order to enhance the quality of the built environment through world leading fundamental and applied collaborative research.


Centre for Additive Manufacturing

CfAM focuses on next generation multifunctional Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology.


Centre for Structural Engineering and Informatics

CSEI is a major centre for research in structural engineering, construction materials, engineering design and construction informatics leading to solutions that contribute toward modern, resilient and sustainable societies.



Advanced fibre composites of processign and performance are the two main areas of focus. Research is applied within a number of sectors including automotive, aerospace, wind energy, power generation and medicine.

Environmental Fluids

Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Geoprocesses

The Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Geoprocesses group includes academics and researchers from Civil Engineering and Chemical and Environmental Engineering. Research areas include oceans and atmosphere, geology and geoprecesses, coasts, lakes and sediments, natual hazards and experimental fluid mechanics.

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Fluids and Thermal Engineering

FLUTE have expertise in experimental fluid mechanics, computational fluids dynamics (CFD), two-phase flow and heat transfer enhancement, as well as thermodynamics and systems including internal combustion engines, HVAC and refrigeration, gas and oil process, thermal management and heat exchangers.

Food, water, waste

Food, Water, Waste

FWW work across a wide range of industries including food, bio-products, waste and resource management, wastewater and agriculture to deliver sustainable and resilient solutions to global challenges in the areas of food, water and resource security.


George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research

GGIEMR are experts in photonic and optoelectronic simulation, simulation for electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, and the transmission line modelling method (TLM).

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Human Factors

Human Factors Research Group (HFRG) apply human factors theory, methods and approaches across a wide range of application areas such as design for usability, efficiency, effectiveness and wellbeing for individuals, teams and organisations.

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Low Carbon Energy and Resources Technologies

LCERT's primary incentive is to develop new, innovative methods to reduce fossil fuel emissions that are causing irreversible damage to the earth’s atmosphere.

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Mechanical and Aerospace Systems

MAS develops new technologies, analysis and experimental methods to provide the engineering science validation and verification to enable future sustainable energy and transport systems.


Nottingham Centre for Geomechanics

NCG has expertise in civil, materials, and mining engineering, and also mathematics to solve all forms of soil and rock-related problems in engineering design and construction. 


Nottingham Geospatial Institute

NGI specialise in satellite navigation and positioning systems, photogrammetry and remote sensing, geospatial intelligence, location based services, semantic, reasoning and cognition.


Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre

Research focuses on road asphalt, dock, airport and rail pavements, wider transportation infrastructure, asset management and maintenance, sustainability and the environment.

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Optics and Photonics

OAP has strong work in Instrumentation engineering, the science of optical and ultrasonic waves - the creation, detection and manipulation of waves, and light/ultrasound/matter interactions - exploiting the way light and ultrasound.

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Power Electronics, Machines and Control

PEMC's research is in power electronic systems, electrical machine technologies, drivers and controls, and power electronic integration.


Resilience Engineering

The group is developing modelling techniques to predict ways of improving the design, maintenance, and operation of engineering systems in order to reduce the frequency and consequences of failure. 


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